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WOWW 137 – Where does the time go?

I am sure Wednesdays are coming round ever faster these days.  What’s on my workdesk today?  Sadly no zombies as yet, but I have managed to gather all the relevant pieces so hopefully soon.

Time is of the essence just now as I have gone from working 5 mornings and 1-2 afternoons to working 4.5 days during the week and at least one day of my weekend so crafty time is short.  Hence the guddle on my desk as everything gets done in 15 minute bursts or nothing would get done at all!  The photos are for the sketch, which is a UKS challenge.  These is so much going on over on UKS these days I can’t keep up but it is making me take these 15 minutes and do something with them, which is great.  I just haven’t decided which set of pics to go for but I have specific papers in mind so once that decision is made it should come together quite quickly.

The embossing powders are for a tag swap at one of the crops I attend and as they are due for next weekend, I really need to get myself moving with them, but they aren’t calling me quite as strongly as the need to make a scrapbook page, or even a zombie.  I must say no to the next swap, as life is just too busy at the moment.

For heaps more inspiration of various kinds, hop on over to Julia’s blog, where I will be at some point tonight.  Enjoy!


WOWW 136

I have missed sharing my workdesk the past few weeks.  I have still wandered around a few others though and found some lovely work.  I am hoping that this year will be a more productive one for me and I will be making a great effort to have something on the go at least twice a week.

This week it is felt.  Many weeks ago a Hobbycraft opened near where I live and for the first 2 weeks I resisted, then I caved BUT I didn’t buy anything on my first visit.  I did see this book though and it niggled at me, a lot!

I then decided to go back for it as I couldn’t source it anywhere else and I just knew that my oldest grandaughter would love these.  So off I went and had a wee panic to myself when I couldn’t find it where I thought it was.  I think someone else had their eye on it as I eventually found it in a different section right at the back of all the books.  Anyway, I bought it and it is mine and I am hoping to start using it in a week or so when I get used to being back at work again.

To get back to my workdesk, this book made me look at felt a bit more closely and I found a lovely photo of my youngext grandaughter which I had converted to sepia and had printed and I suddenly had the urge to make some felt flowers for a vintagy page using that photo.  Here is what I have accomplished so far.

Now embroidery was never my thing as I was always far too impatient to keep all my stitches neat and roughly the same size but on this scale I can just about manage.  I still have 3 to sew and that will hopefully be tonight with a view to having the page finished before the end of the weekend, though with more school planning to do it might be a tight squeeze.

Any useful tips about embroidery stitches, sewing with felt, or even where to buy good quality felt at a reasonable price are all welcome.  I have my eye on this book next

though another obsession is so not what I need right now!  For more fun and wonderful inspiration pop on over to Julia’s blog and see what everyone else has been up to.


WOWW 132 – decisions, decisions

I am totally rubbish at making decisions especially at this time of year but one decision I have made is that I am not making cards this year.  After my recent disasters and given my almost total lack of self confidence re making cards I have abandoned the idea.

card blanks and Christmas stamps waiting to become cards

Let’s face it a week’s work for 1 hand made card is hardly a reasonable time and motion study.  The sheer frustration and terror of sitting down, thinking of what to put on the front of a card and then actually making it into something that I wouldn’t be ashamed to put my name to is just not worth the stress.  Especially not when every day is fraught with decision making and stress at the moment.

I haven’t actually taken a pic of my abandoned work desk today – mainly because I only really decided to abandon it at 4am this morning when the gentle gale that was blowing past my window prevented me from getting back to sleep.

My current work in progress is actually this …

… which is going to be the cover for one of the sad looking cushions that adorn our sofa.  They are all mismatched in colour, shape and size but as they are in good condition and useful they have escaped our many clear outs.  I was inspired to smarten them up by the satisfaction I got making this …

a close up

… which will shortly be wrapped ready to keep my youngest some warm and snug throughout the winter months ahead.  The funny thing is that during a recent visit to my daughter’s house I spotted a blanket my mother had made for her when she was much younger and which was still in very good condition despite being about 20yrs old and made form the cheapest acrylic yarn there was.

The year ahead is one where I actually use my stash of yarn, fabric, paper etc as the budget is getting much smaller though the stash pile isn’t so unless it is absolutely essential for me to buy I will be using up and making do.

For now the decisions are – when to write the cards I need to send and, yes I do know it will need to be soon, and when to begin wrapping the mountain of things I have stashed away as gifts.  I think it will be baby steps with the decision making so I will start with the cards that need posted and begin tonight, I think.