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Tired and restless

I’m not sure what’s been wrong with me this week as I have been totally out of sorts.  Thankfully it is now the holidays and we even have some very welcome sunshine so hopefully I will be back to normal (well, what passes for it) soon.

I have been very productive on the scrapbooking front recently but even that has been missing this past week.  I did buy some fab stamps and punches from Stampin’ Up! which arrived on Friday so I am hoping to actually find the motivation to use them before today is over.  I hadn’t even seen a Stampin’ Up! catalogue until fairly recently and while their focus is very much on card makers, which I am definitely not, they did have some great bits and I have no doubts I will be looking at what they have to offer more often now I know how good they are and how easy it is to get their stuff.  I bought my stamps and punches from Cal, who also very kindly sent me some of her unwanted ink pads.  I had been finding that many of my ink pads were going dry because of the way I was storing them, which was great when I used to go to regular crops, but less so now I don’t.  I had asked on UKS for advice on which ink pads were the best to buy as I have a mish mash of different types and wanted to stick with one or two types if I was reinvesting.  Gwyneth very kindly sent me an empty Ferrero Rocher box which I great for storing cat’s eye and Brilliant small ink pads, thank you so much Gwyneth for your kindness.  Now my ink pads are better stored but I still have to go through them and weed out the really dry ones.

I use stamps and inks a lot when making pages, especially for journalling but for making embellishments and for adding that little something extra too.  In fact they are amongst my essential go to’s when making pages along with punches and/or sizzix dies, my alphabets and stickers/rub ons.

For this page I used stamps, inks and an edge punch.

For this page I used stamps, ink, stickers and an edge punch

I am slowly working out the things I really like and use as opposed to the things I really like.  Hopefully I will be able to continue making pages I am happy with along with a dent in the scrapbooking supplies I have amassed and not find myself hankering after too many things I won’t actually use, as has happened in the past.  Wish me luck!

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Mixed blessings

I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted here!  I haven’t been in the most positive frame of mind these past few weeks so it’s maybe just as well I was MIA as it wouldn’t have been cheery posts.  The good news is my knee is almost as it was, I still have problems with stairs, especially going up them, but I can walk normally which is a huge improvement.  I need to sort myself out an exercise programme that allows me to strengthen my knees before I go back to the exercise routine I had.  I am amazed at how much I have missed my daily walking, I mean exercise was something other people did and not something I really enjoyed, until fairly recently.  Hopefully in 6 months time I will have surpassed my previous levels of fitness and be enjoying my exercising again.

I am still loving Karen‘s Finding Your way class over at BPS.  I am not how much of my way I have found but I can see a definite increase in awareness of how I put a page together, what I like and don’t like and the sort of style I really, really like.  In fact I have become almost obsessive about scrap-booking again, almost like I was when I first discovered it way back when.  In some ways being stuck at home immobile has been a mixed blessing as it has allowed me the time to experiment and look and think and get myself lost in the process again.  I think I sort of lost that a bit and found making pages really hard at times, though I’m not sure why.

For now I will share a page I like and think is my style, a page I like but I’m not sure if it’s my style and a page I really don’t like, though life is far too short for me to do anything with it apart from put it in an album and consider it a story told.

This took ages to pull together and although it's nothing like I thought it would be, I really like and I do think it is me.

This I love but I am not sure if it is really my style or if it a very heavily influenced by Karen style. I found it quite stressful to pull together but I love the finished result.

This I don't like. I was experimenting with various things and it is one of 2 pages that I have made recently that I actively dislike, though I have no doubts that my granddaughter will love it, and that is important.

For now I will wish you a happy mother’s day as I toddle off back to my craft desk.  It is an early start for school tomorrow and I will be glad to be back properly.

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Down but not out

I can hardly believe it’s been 2 weeks since I last posted on here, my apologies if you have visited waiting for an update.  Last week I managed to tear one of the ligaments on the inside of my left knee which has left me in a lot of pain and majorly hacked off at the impact this is having on my ability to do things.  It is mending but slowly.  In fact the first few days after I did it I ended up in so much pain due to resting that I could barely move at all!  I had sat so long with my leg as comfy as possible that my back siezed up.  Thankfully my back has now loosened and my knee is mending but driving is out, as is working.  In fact on Monday my boss sent me home from work as I was a health and safety hazard, if the school had gone on fire I would not have been able to get out in the allotted time 🙂  The worst of it is I have so much I need to do before the Easter holidays roll around and being stuck at home isn’t helping.  I will just have to work extra hours from next week, when I will be back at work, knee or not.  I have a knee support now so that will help.

As far as my scrapping goes and my Find Your Way class, well that has been an eye opener.  I have made several pages and discovered a few things abut my own process that I wasn’t aware of before.  Size wise I prefer 12×12 though I do sometimes use 8.5×11 and I also realised that although I prefer to use cardstock as my base I always have some patterned paper between my base and my photos.  This was something I wasn’t aware of before but having looked back through my albums it is something I have almost always done.

I also discovered that I have many papers with cute, repeating patterns which I don’t actually like very much.  I will use them though but I certainly won’t be buying any more.  I have found myself using my stamps more often, which makes me happy.

Last week’s lesson was about photos and photo sizes.  I normally get my photos printed 6×4 and these get stored in my photo albums ready for scrapping and once the albums get full I move the photos into category drawers.   This time I decided to get some of my photos printed smaller, particularly those where I wanted to use several photos to tell the story.  I chose 4×3 and 2.5×3.5 dependant on how many photos I wanted to use.  This was a bit scary because I remember when I switched from 5×7 to 6×4 several years ago, the photos seemed to be lost on my page and I was a bit concerned that I would feel the same this time.  I was delighted to find that this wasn’t the case at all, in fact I have really enjoyed using smaller photos as I often have several photos for a story and it is very hard to decide which ones to use.

This was just such a fun page to make.  I used loads of my BamPop frames and 2 photos that wouldn’t usually make it to being printed as the quality isn’t great but they go with the story and the overall page makes me smile.  The next thing I tried was using several copies of the same photo.  I had these printed in error due to the amount I needed to get printed but I like the end result.  I’m not sure I would do this often but I have tried it.

I also discovered that by writing my journalling roughly in my head before deciding on a title, the title will come more easily.  This is a huge relief as I sometimes struggle with titles.  I’m not sure I would be brave enough to commit my journalling to paper first before deciding on a title as I would worry about not having enough room to fit it all in, but that might get easier with time.  Who knows?  For now I am happy creating pages and being more aware of what makes me happy both during the process and with the end result.  Hopefully by my next post my knee will have healed and I will have made even more exciting discoveries about my own scrapping process.  Please feel free to share your own scrapping process with me.  Take care x x x

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Unexpected Delight

If someone had asked me how I would describe my scrapbooking style I would have used the words clean, uncluttered, not messy and varied.  This week I hav surprised myself though.  I had a few photos on my desk that I was determined to use and I had begun to gather bits in a ‘favourite basket’.  This was one of Karen‘s ideas and I have to say I really liked.  I normally am quite uptight about keeping my stash tidy and in the ‘right’ places but as I was reorganising I found a few things that I had forgotten I had but really liked so I decided to adopt it and see how it goes.

So far I really like it and I am using things that would otherwise be lost in the mass of stuff.  I founf myself playing a little bit here and there with stuff I had close to my desk and I am really happy with the result.  It isn’t anything like I would have expected to come up with as I used mists and paint and ink and other messy bits, which is why it was made in short bursts as it needed to dry in between.

It’s a bit squint and not the best photo of it but I still think it’s kind of cute.  I managed another page after this which is totally different but the light was too bad to photograph it tonight.  I am quite enjoying this journey of adventure, for the moment anyway.

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