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Project Life weeks 2-4

I am stil loving my project life and am delighted that the real deal is finally available in the UK.  I have ordered the page protectors and the grid journalling cards as I felt the core kit wasn’t really what I was looking for, though if it had been available before I started I might have bought it.  Thankfully there are plenty freebies and reasonably priced digital cards available which, along with the Project Life digital cards and bits are more than enough.  I have printed some as is amd made a few other bits myself.  I think a bit more time with photoshop and some more wingding type fonts and/or brushes and I will be sorted.  Maybe in a few months time I may even be confident to share what I come up with but I need loads more practice before that day.  I have week 5 complete but I haven’t had the chance to photograph it as yet.

Week 2 - left hand page

Week 2 - right hand page

It’s nothing fancy as I haven’t had much time to be really creative with it but I think I need an adjustment in my apporach as I want it to be more creative.  Maybe that will start next week once I am on holiday and have caught up on my sleep. 

Week 3 - left hand page

week 3 - right hand page

Despite the fact that my life is terribly unexciting I am finding that I have to narrow down the number of photos I include each week but I love the fact that I am keeping up to date with my photos.  I am also being more adventurous with my camera and am using manual almost all the time and getting back into using my camera properly again, which is another bonus.

week 4 - left hand page

week 4 - right hand page

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Project Life

Well, I have made a start on my project life album and it has been a lot of fun so far.  I don’t always remember to take a photo a day but I have decided that I am going to work on a sort of weekly overview format for this as it takes the pressure off and lets me include photos that I want to keep and look at rather than filler pics for a day that nothing much happened.  I had initially thought of working Sunday to Sunday but that would mean putting the pages together about a week behind when they happened so I am going with more of a Thursday to Thursday option so I can put it together over the weekend.  I haven’t done a formal title page and I am still pondering about whether I will but I think I will leave that for just now and see how I feel as the weeks progress.

A very kind lady on UKS shared this link, which will help for weeks like this one where I am sending away an online photo order so won’t have my pictures to hand immediately.  It lets me get the journalling done ready to slip the photos in when I get them.  So far I have either printed the digital cards I bought or made my own using the extra digi bits but I am planning on taking some stamps and papers with me on crop days to make up a few more embellished cards.  This will make me happy, use some of my stash and save me carrying bags of stuff that I never open.  Sounds like a plan, but we will see how it goes.

Front page

Page 2

Page 3


Project 365

First of all there is some possible good news with regards to getting the Becky Higgins Project Life kits here in the UK at a reasonable cost on this blog.  I really hope it all works out as I still would really like to get my hands on this kit for myself and my daughter.

My own pages are up to date, just.  It hasn’t been easy over the past 10 days as there have been some days when getting out of bed has taken all that I have.  Yesterday was a good day but today is about the worst ever with a lot of numbness in my leg as well, which is a worry.  I am hoping to get back to work tomorrow but I will have to see what the morning brings.

I am still happily working my way through the Finding Your Way class and making some changes and I am also noticing some significant changes in my style and the way I do things.  Some pages I am liking more than others but I will explain the ins and outs in the next post.  For now here are my updated pages.  Wish me luck for tomorrow.  Take care x x x

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Project 365

It’s funny, because I sort of jumped into the whole project 365 thing on a whim, without giving it too much thought but I am really enjoying it.  I had seen the new Becky Higgins Project Life kits on Ali Edwards blog but the cost of having them shipped to the UK was extortionate so then I saw some digi page templates on Kate Hadfield’s blog and that was that.  I bought a kit, which I love, from Owl Tree Studios and off I went.  At the start it was tricky remembering to take a photo every day and I often spent one day recreating photos to take of several things that had occurred over the week.  However as time passes I am much more aware of my quest to take one photo every day and I am managing it about 98% of the time, which I think is pretty good.

Here are my pages for the last 2 weeks and this week’s page is almost complete.  I have no doubts that there will be points in the year when my great intentions don’t work out or I get fed up but I am hoping to keep up and see the finished book at the end of the year. One of my long term goals is to convince my daughter how great it would be for her children to have something similar, but that may be a battle I don’t win just yet.

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One small step

One small step along the road I go ……. I think I have finally lost the plot completely.  I have signed up to walk 13 miles at night in September this year in aid of Cancer research.  I was aware of the Glasgow Shine walk last year but I was in no way able to take part.  This year will be different though.  I have been trying to move more and eat less al la Cathy Zeilske since the turn of the year and  I have been moderately successful at sticking to both, despite having been ill for a good part of the month.

I have thought about this for a few weeks now and finally decided that I needed to make a decision.  The fact that it isn’t until September means I have plenty of time to get fit enough to finish it.  It is also thanks to Gordon’s support in helping to clear out our spare room so I have somewhere to use the wii whenever he wants to watch tv.  I have my knitting and sewing machines in there and the rest of the room had just become a dumping ground.  It took many hours of work to get it sorted and nearly finished the two of us off as neither of us were fully recovered from the lurgy.

Part of the spare room

Some of the junk that needed rehoused

My new 'fitness' room

The table in front of the tv is for my sewing machine and is light enough to get moved around to suit.  I just need to find the time and energy to get using it more often, that and my knitting machine.  I have to say that the exercise is helping as I am sleeping better than I usually do and although I am really tired a lot of the time I am putting that down to having been so ill recently and trying to work through it as I just cannot justify taking time off work when many of my colleagues are suffering in the same way.

Needless to say my Project 365 page is all about my fitness endeavours and my shiny bright new trainers which, at only 2 days old, haven’t yet seen the outside world lol.  Tomorrow my baby brother is coming for a visit before he heads back off to China to work again.  He has been home for about a year and is now itching to get back over there.  He leaves later this week and it will be good to see him as I will miss him when he is far away.  Thank goodness for the internet which really has made the world a smaller place.

I still haven’t managed a page as yet but I do have photos prepared and the beginnings of a story in my head, which is progress.  I am not pushing it but I am trying to let it come to me slowly, so as not to premept things or put myself off even more.  Maybe the exercise will help increase my energy levels and bring me a greater sense of calm which will allow me to be creative again.

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Darth Vader has finally left the building ….

Oh my what a week it has been and certainly not the best week to have been ill.  I have woken myself up so often this past week with my heavy breathing, Darth has my deepest sympathies 🙂  Seriously though I am finally on the mend and couldn’t have picked a worse week to have been ill.  In fact on one of the days I wasn’t fit enough to go to school I managed to get some work brought home to do as it couldn’t be left due to deadlines.

Unfortunately this time I seem to have passed the bug onto Gordon who is suffering mightily as I type.  I am being sympathetic though as I know how awful he is feeling.  I just hope that our quota of sickness has been completed for a good few months anyway.

Crafting wise I haven’t got a huge amount done though I have managed to keep my project 365 up to date.  I am ever hopeful for some extra time in each day and sometimes I am lucky.  I just have to accept that I cannot do everything, though it isn’t always easy.

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This and that

I am so far managing to remember to take a photo a day for my project 365.  I think this will highlight what a pretty boring life I lead but I am hoping that it will encourage me to get out and about  a bit more with my camera, work permitting.

I have to say here that I absolutely love Alexa‘s fortnightly round up and I may try something similar myself next year.

My December Daily is progressing well and I have made myself a list of things I want to include so I feel that the end is finally in sight.  Apart from that life is pretty hectic between a rescheduled Lego Challenge, a new timetable with totally different groups, teaching a very challenging, class 2 mornings a week and all the other little bits life is throwing at me at the start of a new year I am struggling to find a balance at the moment.  I know it will come but there is a fair amount of work to be put in beforehand.  The funny thing is life is good at the moment, challenging but good and for that I am grateful.

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I must be mad!

I am a great fan of Ali Edwards.  I like her style, though it is sometimes a bit too unadorned for me, but I also like her relaxed approach to scrapbooking, story telling and memory preservation.  When she recently blogged about Becky Higgins Project 365 kit she caught my interest.  I really liked the look of the kit, especially the turquoise one and so I looked at the costs.  The kit itself wasn’t too expensive and was really great value for money.  Sadly though the shipping costs to the UK were extortionate and way over what the kit itself cost and what the actual shipping costs would be and then there would be tax on top of that.  I did contact the customer services section of Becky Higgins about this which was made worse by the fact that was shipping it free in America, but I haven’t had a reply.  Others who complained and posted on UKS were basically told that that was how it is and there was nothing that could be done about it, which annoys me and makes me sad, as there is a huge potential market here, if the costs were reasonable.

In the end I resolved to just forget all about it as I knew I wouldn’t complete the project if I had to put the things together myself.  It was the ease of using the kit that made me want to try it.  Then I found Project 365 stuff coming at me from all sides.  BPS have a forum community especially for those taking part, several of my regular blog writers are doing it and it just seemed to be everywhere, none of which helped me until I saw this post.  Now despite using Arrowfile pockets to store my printed photos I would never have looked there for divided page protectors, so that will be stored away for future reference.  However the link that really caught my eye was for these templates which are demonstrated so well here.  I also liked the link to Blurb, which I have heard folk talk abut but not actually used myself, though I think that will be where my latest project ends up and maybe even my December Daily once it is completed.

Never having been someone who thinks before they leap I hastily bought the year’s collection of templates and a new project sprung to life.  It fits in well with Journey, my word for the year and it will also help with my photography skills which I have become lazy about over recent months.  So here is my first week of 2011.

The templates come complete and all you need to do it insert photos and journalling.  The pack also comes with highlight pages for those times when you want to include several extra photos, which should help me get more events scrapped, as I am rubbish at these normally, and so for me, this is the ideal pack.  I am under no illusion that remembering to take a photo every day and sometimes even thinking of what to take a photo of, will be difficult, but it is something I feel I want to do and these templates make it so easy.

I am still plugging away at my December Daily and have another 4 pages complete.  This year I also signed up for Shimmelle‘s Journal Your Christmas prompts, which I have to say were extremely good value for the sheer volume of prompts I received.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you how good the prompts were or were not as I haven’t actually opened any of them!  That is a shocking confession to make but my intentions were good.  I have no doubts though that as I continue with my December Daily I will be turning to them for inspiration.  I am determined to finish this project, mainly because the pages are all made just ready for photos. This year I may not make a DD book as it will be incorporated in my 365 project, which I will finish, and hopefully in time.  For now I am off to tidy and iron clothes and all those good things ready for returning to school tomorrow, not quite fighting fit, but in the best semblance of it that I can manage.  Wish me luck!

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