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Perseverance – 2nd time around

Last year, or maybe even the year before, I decided to try and complete a 52 walks in a year project. Like many of the projects that I start at the beginning of each year I fell by the wayside once the reality of life set in and after about 6 weeks I gave up. This year I have decided to revisit this project and although I doubt I will manage one walk of any length every single week there will be some weeks when I can do more. If at the end of the year I have managed 52 it will be fantastic but I am not setting that as my goal. My goal is to do as many as I can without putting myself under any extra pressure. So far I have managed 4 walks and I am hoping to get at least one more fitted in later this week. I am enjoying the challenge of finding different places to go, as well as finding different things to photograph. Luckily the weather here hasn’t been too bad, just bitterly cold and icy. The snow that has blighted much of England hasn’t made an appearance here yet and I am hoping it stays that way at least until our 700+ boxes and new furniture has made it to our new school.

There is a disused psychiatric hospital not far from where I live which used to have a general hospital attached, where all my children were born. The hospital closed many years ago now and the general section was demolished, but the original Village part is still standing and getting less and less secure by the day. These days the paths and walkways are becoming increasingly dangerous but in good light it is still an enjoyable walk.

I love the colours of the stonework of this Villa

I love the flaking paint on this old storage tank

The Church - the setting for many happy weddings and Christenings over the years.

This tree looks like someone cut it in half - very strange

I am guessing that the Clothes Peg was the laundry

Another Villa, with the sun making the windows look golden.

The Shop - once well used by patients and public alike

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Project Life

Well, I have made a start on my project life album and it has been a lot of fun so far.  I don’t always remember to take a photo a day but I have decided that I am going to work on a sort of weekly overview format for this as it takes the pressure off and lets me include photos that I want to keep and look at rather than filler pics for a day that nothing much happened.  I had initially thought of working Sunday to Sunday but that would mean putting the pages together about a week behind when they happened so I am going with more of a Thursday to Thursday option so I can put it together over the weekend.  I haven’t done a formal title page and I am still pondering about whether I will but I think I will leave that for just now and see how I feel as the weeks progress.

A very kind lady on UKS shared this link, which will help for weeks like this one where I am sending away an online photo order so won’t have my pictures to hand immediately.  It lets me get the journalling done ready to slip the photos in when I get them.  So far I have either printed the digital cards I bought or made my own using the extra digi bits but I am planning on taking some stamps and papers with me on crop days to make up a few more embellished cards.  This will make me happy, use some of my stash and save me carrying bags of stuff that I never open.  Sounds like a plan, but we will see how it goes.

Front page

Page 2

Page 3


The bug has bitten

First of all thank you to all the lovely people who were kind enough to visit recently, and a special thank you to those who took the time to leave me a comment, it was lovely.  If I haven’t been to visit you yet, I will be stopping by over the weekend.

I think the scrapping bug has finally resurfaced and I feel as though I might have been bitten again, which I am delighted about.  The tree is almost complete and looking good.  I think it has been worth the fiddling once I got over the huge hurdle of making the intial decisions.

Tomorrow is a crop day so hopefully on Sunday I will be able to take photos of some pages and share them, well if I ever manage to get my stuff packed into bags I might.

For now I will leave you a photo of a recent visitor to our garden, thanks to the unseasonally warm weather we are having, though I have no doubt it will be cold and horrible when I am about to leave the house tomorrow, that’s just my luck.

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Experimenting is fun


I have been having loads of fun trying out different apps on my phone, especially camera ones. I am hoping to manage to upload photos from here as well, fingers crossed.

This is a pic of my grandaughter’s hat which is meant to be a slouchy hat.  Having picked the pattern herself,probably because of the flower, she then decided to wait till she was bigger to wear it as she thought it was too big for her!  Once we explained that it was meant to be like that it was worn happily.  The trouble is her brother now wants me to make him him a policeman’s hat!  I think I have managed to convince him that a pirate hat would be better though and he is now happy.  The only trouble is I forgot to take a photo of it before I gave it to him so I will need to rectify that later this week.

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