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Perseverance – 2nd time around

Last year, or maybe even the year before, I decided to try and complete a 52 walks in a year project. Like many of the projects that I start at the beginning of each year I fell by the wayside once the reality of life set in and after about 6 weeks I gave up. This year I have decided to revisit this project and although I doubt I will manage one walk of any length every single week there will be some weeks when I can do more. If at the end of the year I have managed 52 it will be fantastic but I am not setting that as my goal. My goal is to do as many as I can without putting myself under any extra pressure. So far I have managed 4 walks and I am hoping to get at least one more fitted in later this week. I am enjoying the challenge of finding different places to go, as well as finding different things to photograph. Luckily the weather here hasn’t been too bad, just bitterly cold and icy. The snow that has blighted much of England hasn’t made an appearance here yet and I am hoping it stays that way at least until our 700+ boxes and new furniture has made it to our new school.

There is a disused psychiatric hospital not far from where I live which used to have a general hospital attached, where all my children were born. The hospital closed many years ago now and the general section was demolished, but the original Village part is still standing and getting less and less secure by the day. These days the paths and walkways are becoming increasingly dangerous but in good light it is still an enjoyable walk.

I love the colours of the stonework of this Villa

I love the flaking paint on this old storage tank

The Church - the setting for many happy weddings and Christenings over the years.

This tree looks like someone cut it in half - very strange

I am guessing that the Clothes Peg was the laundry

Another Villa, with the sun making the windows look golden.

The Shop - once well used by patients and public alike

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One Little Word

First of all I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to leave me a comment on my storytelling Sunday post.  For the lady who asked, yes I am from Scotland, from Glasgow.  My maternal grandparents were both Glasgow born though their parents were both from Ireland, my grandmother’s family was from the north and my grandfather’s family was from the south and they met in a Glasgow dance hall.  Writing that post was a complete spur of the moment thing and I am grateful to Sian for providing the vehicle for my memory sharing.

Now for the only thing I do in the way of intentions/resolutions each year and that is to choose my One Little Word.  I have done thins for several years now after reading about it on Ali’s blog.  Last year I didn’t keep it as focused as I would have liked and by the second half of the year I found myself feeling as though I had lost my way with a few things, not least my scrapbooking and photography.  In fact during my final sort and purge of 2011’s photos I discovered that I didn’t take a single, personal photo during November.  That is the first time a whole month has gone by without me using my camera in many years and was quite a shock.  The feeling of having lost my way is quite ironic as my word for 2010 was ‘Journey’.  I did think about having ‘Focus’ as my word for this year but somehow it just wasn’t enough so having thought and googled for a word that would capture my intent for the year ahead I have decided on ‘Persevere’.  I almost went with perseverance but I felt that persevere was that bit more, that little bit stronger and that subtle difference was what I needed.  I always try to find a quote that goes with my word and though this year it is more of a definition I am going to print it out and frame it and hang it where I can see it often.

Persevere – steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

I am determined that I will be using my stash of everything this year, not caving in and buying more or giving it away so it doesn’t count.  I am going to try to complete a project life album, a paper version as digi is much easier to forget about and get sidelined from as opposed to a binder that is there and needs moved to get to the desk.  I figured that this would get me back into using my camera more often and make a dent in my paper stash.  I have bought some of the digi bits but will be using a lot of what I already have to hand.

I have completely missed the last 3 weeks of WOWW so I want to get back into the habit of that also, with a view to making at least a page a week and I want to have captured a whole host of stories, maybe even some with scrapbook pages to go with them, on Storytelling Sundays so you can see why I would need to persevere.  Added to all this I have a new job teaching 2 afternoons a week at my grandchildren’s school, which will be a challenge, along with my own job and we have 5 weeks to pack up our school, in our own time, and then a whole day to unpack it ready to teach again next month.  I think that fitting in the other things I enjoy doing like knitting, crochet, sewing, reading, eating and sleeping, may be more tricky at times but I aim to give it my best shot.  The old saying of ‘if you want something done ask a busy person’ may just turn out to be true.  I will simply need to prioritise and persevere when things get hectic.  For now I am away to begin a rather large photo order as that was another thing I sort of ‘lost’ last year.  Take care x

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