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Organisation is the key

I wish I was an naturally organised person, but sadly that is not one of my key skills.  I have to work really hard to be organised, partly because I can’t stand being disorganised and because I can’t work in a mess, although to see my craft desk you would be forgiven for thinking I was not being truthful about that last bit.  I have a whole variety of systems for keeping things tidy.  What works for me at school doesn’t transfer to home and what works for paper scrapbooking doesn’t work for digi stuff and what works for storing photos doesn’t work for sorting knitting patterns or wool.  None of this is helped by the fact my memory is getting worse daily, which is probably an age thing.  I did remember that I hadn’t blogged this week, which is progress, I just haven’t had the time to actually get to it because I have been so busy getting organised.

A few years ago I had a room for all my crafting stuff but I spent more time tidying and sorting than creating.  In time I had to move all my crafting stuff into my bedroom as we needed the crafting room for my stepchildren when they came to stay.  I found that I managed to make more pages as my stuff had to be kept fairly tidy as there was no room to move otherwise.  I have gradually reorganised things so they are easy to find and use and I can almost always find what I am looking for easily and quickly.  I still have way too much stuff and I have to stop buying things as there is simply no more space!

The trickiest bit has been keeping my photos organised.  I don’t like printing photos at home, partly because it is so expensive and partly because I am not convinced that the quality is as good as when I get them professionally developed.  I usually print my photos in batches every 3 months or so, or more often if I have been taking a lot of photos.  At one point I had so many photos I couldn’t actually scrap.  I had a total blank and just felt overwhelmed.  That’s when I started looked for a better system.  I now use Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories system and it works for me.  Over time I have adapted and personalised it to suit myself  and it is manageable.  I use a card system to keep track of my photos from putting them onto my pc to backing them up and getting them printed and that really helps.Gallery is a programme on our home server which I use to store and tag my pics for extra prints and digi scrapping.  The ‘I want to remember’ bits are the main pages I want to make for that month and I often write my journalling for these on index cards and slip them into my photo albums with the relevant pics.  I often write my journalling in those little blocks of time in between other tasks or when I want to create but simply can’t get started.  That way when inspiration strikes I have everything I need to get my story recorded.

Now I just need to find a way to adapt these cards to hold blog ideas and I will be sorted!  Take care x x x

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