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December Daily 2010

My poor neglected blog – apologies again and I promise to try harder from now on.  I actually have no excuse as today was the third day our schools have been closed due to the snow, which is about 4 foot deep and still falling!  We were told today that we will be closed for the rest of the week, which has panicked me slightly as the Lego Challenge is next week and we still have to put a presentation together and make a model wheelchair!  The snow is the last thing I need.  Fingers crossed it stops soon and we can make it next week.  My youngest grandaughter’s birthday party is on Saturday, she will be 6 next week and this will be her first party so yet another reason to hope for an improvement in the weather.

Up until today I have managed to stay home but the cupboards were emptying fast so it was off to the shops via taxi.  I have spent hours clearing snow off my car and digging it out but there is no way I can get out of my street.  In fact I came home today to find a neighbour had kindly cleared the parking area but in doing so had dumped a 2 foot square mound of snow across the front of all the parked cars, including mine.  What’s worse he actually asked if I was pleased with his work and I have to say he was very lucky I didn’t tell him what I thought 🙂  The day had been a success apart from trying to get a taxi this morning and then waiting 2 hours for a taxi home only to be told it had been cancelled by the company due to the weather, but they hadn’t bothered to tell us.  I have to take my hat off to the taxi drivers we did get though, and I told them repeatedly how grateful we were.  By we I mean myself, my daughter, her children and my youngest son, whose shopping I was getting while I was out.

Enough of the moans, today is the first day of advent and aslo day 1 of this years December Daily.  I loved making last years but due to some problems getting photos processed in order to not have a backlog of pages I have decided to do it digitally this year.  Here is the first page which I really enjoyed making.

I initially thought about having a thread through all the pages but I ended up with a more diverse range of pages than last year and have loved making them so far.  At the moment I am thinking about getting them printed 8×8 and then binding them with simple covers but this may well change as time progresses.  I will be making my book up till the end of December because if I only go to Christmas it will include Katy’s birthday but not her younger brother’s whose birthday is on December 29th.  I still have about 4 pages to make from scratch but I am sure I can manage that before the schools go back.  Here’s to more regular updates.  Take care x x x



Over on UKS someone started a thread about having had a rubbish week and invited others to contribute how their week had gone.  I did contribute because my life does seem to be spiralling manically out of control with regards to time management and fitting everything in at the moment.  Well, since the schools went back here in August, if I’m honest.  However as a result of reading that thread I am just so grateful for my life just now.  Things are still manic and stressful but it is nothing major or life changing unlike some other people and for that I am grateful.

I have found some time to scrap although my mental block seems to be arriving more often and staying for longer, which is not good.  May’s 4 week class is finished and I am still working through week 2!  I have changed tack and am just going to tackle what I feel like, when I feel like it for a while.  Scrapbooking is one of my destressers, it calms me and relaxes me, I don’t want to get myself tied in knots because I can’t get a page to look like I think it should, that would defeat the purpose.

This is my main page for August in my Document 2010, which I have also become stuck with, I cut the pink paper because it reminded me of waves on the beach.  I also managed a few quick digi pages though they are not as relaxing as actually using paper and glue.

I am loving using Echo Park stuff for digi pages, that and Cosmo Cricket are available at Jessica Sprague, which is great news.

This boy has little sense of danger and will not accept being told something is not safe, hence the grazed face.  He fell down the hill while running on the way home from nursery.  This isn’t his first accident and is not likely to be his last.  Thankfully his sister and cousins have a much greater sense of self preservation!  Here’s to the hamster wheel stopping long enough for me to get off and have a rest soon.  Take care x x x

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