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I woke up on Sunday to find we had no internet connection.  I was frustrated, because there were so many things I wanted to check on the net, but also amazed at how much I got done.  I finished all of DYL week 2 pages, I got the 52 in 10 prompt 2 page completed and I even managed to finish a page I had started weeks ago and never got back to.  This was something of a record for me.  I also filed away all the bits of paper that were in my to do basket, getting all my outstanding tasks completed.

When I first saw the sketches for Cathy’s second class I was very unsure.  The focus was asymetrical balance and I just didn’t think they were my kind of thing.  Once I made the pages though I was totally convinced.  I work mainly from the sketches and not the pages that Cathy makes herself, as I find this a bit easier.    First off was a single page 12×12 LO using the strangest shaped journalling block.  I was very apprehensive about this one but I think the finished product is great.  I think if I had used plain cardstock I would have been less happy because I like a bit of busyness to my pages.

Next up was a double page set up.  When I first started scrapbooking most of my pages were multi photo doubles and then I changed to mostly single page spreads.  These days it’s still mostly single with the odd double for good measure.  After this I can see me going back to the double page, multi photo style, but with a bit more finesse than perhaps previously.  I think this is my all time favourite page, ever.  I did juggle the photos a bit and it does look better in a post bound album than a ring bound one but it doesn’t have a permanent home yet so it’s not a problem.

Last, but not least, is the RWC pages.  I like the colour scheme of these but not the blockiness so it’s a format I probably won’t use again.  I do like the overall effect though, and it’s another page in the story of my family’s life.

For some reason the cardstock on these pages has scanned as different colours, when they are exactly the same.  Weird!

I will save my other pages for the next post.  I am off to have a go at DYL week 3.  I had planned to do it yesterday but the local photo processing machine was broken so I ended up clearing out and cleaning all my kitchen cupboards.  This being organised lark is hard work!

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