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Project Life weeks 2-4

on February 9, 2012

I am stil loving my project life and am delighted that the real deal is finally available in the UK.  I have ordered the page protectors and the grid journalling cards as I felt the core kit wasn’t really what I was looking for, though if it had been available before I started I might have bought it.  Thankfully there are plenty freebies and reasonably priced digital cards available which, along with the Project Life digital cards and bits are more than enough.  I have printed some as is amd made a few other bits myself.  I think a bit more time with photoshop and some more wingding type fonts and/or brushes and I will be sorted.  Maybe in a few months time I may even be confident to share what I come up with but I need loads more practice before that day.  I have week 5 complete but I haven’t had the chance to photograph it as yet.

Week 2 - left hand page

Week 2 - right hand page

It’s nothing fancy as I haven’t had much time to be really creative with it but I think I need an adjustment in my apporach as I want it to be more creative.  Maybe that will start next week once I am on holiday and have caught up on my sleep. 

Week 3 - left hand page

week 3 - right hand page

Despite the fact that my life is terribly unexciting I am finding that I have to narrow down the number of photos I include each week but I love the fact that I am keeping up to date with my photos.  I am also being more adventurous with my camera and am using manual almost all the time and getting back into using my camera properly again, which is another bonus.

week 4 - left hand page

week 4 - right hand page


One response to “Project Life weeks 2-4

  1. alexa says:

    Glad it’s helping you enjoy your camera more – and your pages are really building up …

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