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Perseverance – 2nd time around

Last year, or maybe even the year before, I decided to try and complete a 52 walks in a year project. Like many of the projects that I start at the beginning of each year I fell by the wayside once the reality of life set in and after about 6 weeks I gave up. This year I have decided to revisit this project and although I doubt I will manage one walk of any length every single week there will be some weeks when I can do more. If at the end of the year I have managed 52 it will be fantastic but I am not setting that as my goal. My goal is to do as many as I can without putting myself under any extra pressure. So far I have managed 4 walks and I am hoping to get at least one more fitted in later this week. I am enjoying the challenge of finding different places to go, as well as finding different things to photograph. Luckily the weather here hasn’t been too bad, just bitterly cold and icy. The snow that has blighted much of England hasn’t made an appearance here yet and I am hoping it stays that way at least until our 700+ boxes and new furniture has made it to our new school.

There is a disused psychiatric hospital not far from where I live which used to have a general hospital attached, where all my children were born. The hospital closed many years ago now and the general section was demolished, but the original Village part is still standing and getting less and less secure by the day. These days the paths and walkways are becoming increasingly dangerous but in good light it is still an enjoyable walk.

I love the colours of the stonework of this Villa

I love the flaking paint on this old storage tank

The Church - the setting for many happy weddings and Christenings over the years.

This tree looks like someone cut it in half - very strange

I am guessing that the Clothes Peg was the laundry

Another Villa, with the sun making the windows look golden.

The Shop - once well used by patients and public alike

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Project Life weeks 2-4

I am stil loving my project life and am delighted that the real deal is finally available in the UK.  I have ordered the page protectors and the grid journalling cards as I felt the core kit wasn’t really what I was looking for, though if it had been available before I started I might have bought it.  Thankfully there are plenty freebies and reasonably priced digital cards available which, along with the Project Life digital cards and bits are more than enough.  I have printed some as is amd made a few other bits myself.  I think a bit more time with photoshop and some more wingding type fonts and/or brushes and I will be sorted.  Maybe in a few months time I may even be confident to share what I come up with but I need loads more practice before that day.  I have week 5 complete but I haven’t had the chance to photograph it as yet.

Week 2 - left hand page

Week 2 - right hand page

It’s nothing fancy as I haven’t had much time to be really creative with it but I think I need an adjustment in my apporach as I want it to be more creative.  Maybe that will start next week once I am on holiday and have caught up on my sleep. 

Week 3 - left hand page

week 3 - right hand page

Despite the fact that my life is terribly unexciting I am finding that I have to narrow down the number of photos I include each week but I love the fact that I am keeping up to date with my photos.  I am also being more adventurous with my camera and am using manual almost all the time and getting back into using my camera properly again, which is another bonus.

week 4 - left hand page

week 4 - right hand page

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Storytelling Sunday

It is so good to be back blogging.  My beloved thought it would be a really good idea to update my operating system but somehow that meant I couldn’t access the disk with all my photos and project life on!  Thankfully it is now sorted, I have missed blogging almost as much as I have missed having access to my photos.  It is my own fault in a way as I feel it is much safer to keep these precious, irreplaceable things seperate from the rest of my computer, just in case anything major goes wrong.

Anyway, to get back to my story.  This story is about a girl who was so conscious of how she looked that even emptying the rubbish required full make up and fashionable clothes.  Nothing was ever too expensive, as long as she had the cash to pay for it, and no amount of time taken to get ready was too long, even for putting out the rubbish. However she hated having her photo taken and would always hide from the camera.  Then she  had children and suddenly things changed.  The children took centre stage and putting the rubbish out no longer required any make up and was sometimes even done while wearing pyjamas, though she still hated the camera and getting her photo taken.  Gradually over time she came to ignore the camera as it helped capture the little, day to day things in her children’s lives that made her heart glad.  Like trying on new swimming goggles before the excitement of going swimming, like joining in with her children’s imaginative play, like being mummy and loving it.

This is also a story about a lady who likes getting messy with her grandchildren, and without them, and had forgotten how much fun it is to blow paint with a straw and mix colours and have fun while recording an everyday moment.

This lady would like to thank you for stopping by and invite you to enjoy some of the other stories that you will find links to from here.  Happy storytelling Sunday everyone.


Edited to add – Blogger isn’t letting me leave comments this morning so I will try again later, my apologies to anyone using Blogger whose story I have read, I am not ignoring you honest 🙂