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DD or JYC?

on December 13, 2011

Two years ago I did a December Daily along with Ali Edwards and good proportion of the crafting world.  I absolutely loved every minute of it but I found that sometimes getting my photos printed was a hassle I didn’t need at a very busy time of the year.  With this in mind last year I decided to do a digi version.  Well, it took twice as long to sort the pages beforehand and I couldn’t make them work in the brief time I had each day so i gave up about half way through, which was very disappointing.  This year December was on me before I knew it so I didn’t even get started but I am regretting it when I see so many gorgeous pages from people doing either Ali’s December Daily or Shimmelle‘s Journal Your Christmas.  Maybe when the holidays finally come I will sit down and do a retrospective something, even if it’s only putting the basics of a book together for next year.  After all how else am I going to use up all the gorgeous Christmas stash I can’t seem to resist, yet seldom use?

For now it’s on with some semblance of Christmas card making spurred on by the helpful suggestions and comments from others.  Maybe there will even be one or two to share soon, which should brighten up everyone else’s day, even if it’s only because they are less then fantastic. 🙂



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