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WOWW 130 – samtsirhC (that’s Christmas backwards)

on December 1, 2011

First of all yes, I do know it’s Thursday but as Wednesday somehow got lost in the post, here I am.

Well, so much for Christmas cards.  I am not a natural cardmaker.  In the many years I have been a scrapbooker I think I have made no more than a dozen cards.  They scare me – little bits of blank card waiting to be filled with nary a photo in sight, the very stuff to bring me out in cold sweats and palpitations.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE handmade cards as long as I don’t have to make them.

This year I vowed it would be different as I had found these very cute stamps, thought they are not to everyone’s taste I know, and I thought I would make some cards for my nearest and dearest.  Given that I have almost no experience of colouring images and making cards I did everything completely backwards.  I printed my images (too close together), I duly coloured them (don’t look for any wonderful shading as there isn’t any) and then set about cutting them using my punches and nesties only to find – they didn’t fit!  While I was sitting pondering this dilemma and trying to work out what sizes of punch/nesties I would need it occurred to me that, as they were digital images I could resize the images to fit, space them out more on each sheet and there might be half a chance of me making a card – singular.  I have decided that bay steps are the answer and once I have solved the problem of how to make one card I can then, if successful, go on to make another card and so on.  It may be that this year is only different due to the stress I put myself through and the handmade cards may well be ready for Christmas 2012 but I am not yet ready to throw in the towel on this one.

For anyone keen to see the finished advent tree from last week’s WOWW see the post before this one.  For now I am off over here to see the wonders of other people’s craft spaces.


8 responses to “WOWW 130 – samtsirhC (that’s Christmas backwards)

  1. sandee says:

    I don’t make digital cards so I have no thoughts on that but I make cards, lol..tons of them, and what freaks you is the opposite for make a layout and to have to fit my photos on a page when all I want to do is decorate the page, yikes! lol

  2. Laura says:

    I like making cards, but patterned papers (Basic Grey 6×6 pads, etc.) and American Crafts Thickers can be a great boon to making cards, if the stamping bit is too overwhelming. A lovely piece of pp + the sentiment done with the Thickers = a finished card. 🙂 And then you can branch out from there. Add a stamped sentiment, etc.

  3. Julia Dunnit says:

    Ah Linda, I am a cardmaker, but it doesn’t come naturally believe me! Your digital image experience is one of the things that constantly puts me off bothering..and why my rubber stamp shelves are groaning….but I love ’em. Worth persevering though – more people see your cards and get pleasure from them than you can get to look at as scrapbook….so the effort is worthwhile!

  4. Shoshi says:

    I make cards because I have to, basically, but they’re not my first love. I do a bit of stamping but not usually pictures – I have lots of leaf, flower, butterfly and texture stamps, and I like embossing (Cuttlebug and heat). Not really into digital imaging but with my new Cougar cutting machine may do this more as it’s got the option for print&cut which I think will be very useful.

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Glad my alterations inspired you! I’m feeling very much better today thank goodness – yesterday I was totally wiped out, then had an appallingly bad night and now feel better. Weird. Still, not complaining!!

    Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #61

  5. SpyderSpyder says:

    I usually cut out my digi’s with punch/nestie even if it cuts its head and feet off, then cut out another of the same digi and fix it over the one cut by the nestie…then you don’t have to cut all the fiddly bits coz they will show up on the digi hidden below…I do this with stamped images as well Have a crafty weekend, Happy very late WOYWW


  6. angelfish says:

    I feel your pain! I’ve stamped and coloured a whole sheet of images before, only to realise they are too close to die cut. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it really does help. I was in two minds about sharing what I was feeling, I don’t usually, but I’m really glad I did.

  7. Spyder says:

    Hi! me again (catching up while I can!) Your desk looks really busy! and yes, the die cut thing I’ve done it too! so…what I do is…have a bit of stamped out card/paper to test the size or, still use the digis (cutting off legs and heads if need be and then cut out another image and fix it over the die cut, this way you can miss out cutting the little fiddly bits coz you’ll still see them on the digi under it…Happy Very late woyww


  8. janet says:

    I used to be like that about cards, but dont be, just think of them as mini scrap pages and the stamped images are your pictures. I love the octopode factory snowman, I have the reindeer and you can see him on my blog this weekyou dont have to make them very different to each other they dont have to be perfect either, jusy go with the flow!!!
    . .

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