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Indecision, indecision

on November 22, 2011

I have slowly, over many months, come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff.  Apart from going to crops I have barely crafted for months and my tote sits almost unpacked in between and I have finally figured out why. There are simply too many decisions to make and by the time I have worked out which photos, paper, style of page and embellishments I am going to use the hours I have available have disappeared and I am worse off than I was before because now my desk is covered in stuff.  By the time I next have the time to craft I have totally gone off the idea of using what I had previously pulled out and so another few hours go by and still nothing gets done.

A few months ago Angela asked me to be on her design team and while I was flattered, I was also terrified that I would let her down and this is what has happened.  I have 4 of her very lush embellishment kits sitting on my desk and although I have made something with every one, they are still waiting to be photographed and uploaded.

At this time of year I, like many other crafters, am busy making things for others as gifts.  At the moment it is crochet and a few weeks ago it was knitting.  I even crocheted on a page at a recent crop.  I have way too much yarn and if I never put my needles down I wouldn’t have to buy yarn for a very long time, though everything would be striped as most of it is no more than 200g of the same weight and colour.  So why have I recently been browsing yarn stores looking to spend lots of money on yarn for a blanket to keep me snug while I watch tv?  It beggars belief, really it does.  I think I have a serious problem with buying too much stuff and never actually getting around to using it.

Enough is enough though, I really need to get back to doing the things I enjoy and not allow myself to buy anything else till I have made a HUGE dent in what I have.  The yarn will go down as I am aiming to crochet stripey blankets for most of the family, not for any special reason apart from a sign that I care for them and to reduce my yarn stash.  I am almost finished a blanket for my youngest son, who will be getting it as part of his Christmas.

I fell in love with ripple blankets while reading this blog which led me to buying this book.  I am using yarn I had apart from the black, which I needed to balance it out and which will come in handy for hats etc over the winter.  For now I am planning on finding my desk underneath all that has been dumped on it over the past few weeks so that I may just get some pages photographed and maybe even a decision made about what to make next.


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