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Wish me luck!

on September 10, 2011

In a short while I be collecting my daughter and driving to Glasgow as we are walking a half marathon in aid on Cancer Research.  She is younger and fitter than me and should be fine, I am absolutely terrified!  When I signed up in February I was at the gym regularly and was in fairly good shape, fitness wise.  Then in June I hurt my neck again and for weeks could barely move.  I did a fair bit of walking over the summer but from the early August, about a week before the schools here in Scotland went back, I have done almost nothing and it has now come back to haunt me.  I am fairly confident that i will complete the walk, I will be devastated if I can’t, but it is the days to come while my body heals from the unexpected over exertion that worry me.  It’s too late now to do anything about it but before this time next week I will be back at the gym and getting my fitness levels back to where they should be.

To calm my nerves today I have been making some of my pages for Shimmelle‘s Learn Something New class.  They were not completed in order and I still have 4 to do but here are a selection.  These are my very first attempts at any form of art journalling and I have learned loads, especially that I need more patience and less is often more, at least until I have the core of the page completed.

This used a Dyan Reavely stamp which wasn’t cheap but I love it and the quality is brilliant.

 This one is really about my workload issues and how no matter how hard I work, I never feel on top of things. 

 Wednesday saw our celebration assemble outside for the school’s 125th birthday.  It was due to start at 2pm and at 1.50pm the rain started!  Luckily it stayed mostly dry till the end.  The clouds and cake are by Wish Bliss Studio and the umbrella is also Dyan Reavely.

This is some of my feelings about the up coming race – the image is from Google and the stamps are Dyan Reavely and Banana Frog.

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