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on September 7, 2011

I have been meaning to join in with What’s on your workdesk Wednesday for some time now, but I am simply never organised enough, until today.

I am deep in my first attempts at art journalling, or at least making the backgrounds for what will be art journal pages.  I am having loads of fun, making loads of mess, but as yet I don’t have an end product.

As you can see I have managed to create chaos and whatever stamp I need seems to be the one that is not in it’s packet and is at the bottom of the pile!  I have made loads of mistakes, redone many bits and everything is still a work in progress.  Having had my access to Learn Something New Every Day sorted by Shimmelle, I decided to do my month of learning as an art journal, 2 birds with one stone as every page will be a learning curve, even if it’s only what I do and don’t like.

I didn’t think that the page a day would fill a book so I have made individual pages that I will bind once they are all completed.  My aim to get most of the backgrounds done and then complete the pages every few days, as time allows.  For now I am off to look at the inspiration on other WOWW blogs linked from here.


5 responses to “WOWW

  1. Oooh what a great desk – I have those dylusions stamps too – not really used them yet though – What have you done with them? Love the photograph of the hands lower down on your blog might try and do that with my two children (if I remember!). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Welcome to WOYWW – it's addictive!! I like the background papers that are going to be the pages of your art journal, what are you going to fill it with though?? You'll have to show us all 😀 Hugs, LLJ xx

  3. Twiglet says:

    Welcome to WOYWW – lots of madness, unfinished projects and mess here so jump right in and enjoy the fun!! x Jo

  4. Spyder says:

    woohoo welcome to woyww, careful now,it's addictive! Your deck is quite tidy, have fun with your project! Happy WOYWW

  5. Hi, Linda! Thanks for stopping by. I love messy fun…it's more about the process than the end result! So, I was wondering what it is I spy on your little shelf… lots of color…

    Have a great week & enjoy WOYWW!


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