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New learning! Not again!

on September 4, 2011

Well the best laid plans and all that!  Bah, so much for me posting on a regular basis, the way this past week has gone I have barely been able to make myself look at a blog, let alone write on one.  The reason why?  I have spent hours over the past few weeks rebuilding our school website into a multi page blog format.  We, or I should say I, have been working on getting a school web site built for a looong time and have had problem after problem due to the local authority I work for believing that all teachers are incompetent when it comes to computers and putting ridiculous obstacles in our way that would never hold up in any other workplace.  We either can’t access the software, or there is no training, or the security permissions are wrong or ….you get the picture.  On the other hand they are hassling us to have a public interface that is easily accessible so that when the snow outside is 2 foot deep and they have closed the schools we can still set work for the children and therefore we are not sitting at home doing nothing, grrr!!!!

3 times over the past 2 years the host for our school website/blog has been changed.  Not once have we been consulted and apart from the first package, no training has ever been provided, due to staff cutbacks.  Now if it was simply a case of load up Blogger and off we go it would be great, but as we are a council it is never that simple.  We are now hosted by WordPress via Glow, which is a whole new nightmare all of it’s own.  To make matters worse I have had to train my colleagues. most of whom have never seen a blog, let alone tried to write on one.  It hasn’t been the easiest of weeks.  Not least the fact that our school has been open to the public all weekend as a celebration of it having been open 125 years.  I did go in and do my duty on Saturday but working all weekend was too much.  I am choked with a cold/flu type virus and very achy and miserable and that hasn’t helped either.

Enough of my moans and groans.  After many years I have decided to take part in Shimmelle’s Learn Something New Everyday class.  I first did this class way back in 2006 and although making a page a day was a challenge, I did enjoy it.  This September has a lot going on and I decided to do the class again as it isn’t costing me anything, the trouble is I did it so long ago I have lost the prompts and it isn’t in my list of classes that I can access on the forum.  I have emailed Shimmelle and I know she will sort it out pretty soon.  As I hadn’t had time to even think about it before today there really is no rush.  I am keeping notes for myself in Evernote and I have sort of decided on a format.  All I need now is a few uninterrupted hours.  Anyone know where I can buy an extra 6 hours a day at a reasonable price?  Please leave all answers below 🙂


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