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Anyone for doubles?

on August 16, 2011

I have written this blog post in my head about a dozen times but I just don’t seem to remember to do it when I am sitting in front of the pc! 
During my recent reorganisation of my craft space I weeded out some of the stuff I knew I would never use.  The paper and cardstock I halved between my school (the kids love it for Golden Time art activities) and Karen, whose daughter Katie is raising money for Arthritis Care Scotland.  Earlier this year Karen had arranged a crop in a lovely hall in Milngavie.  The hall was a guide hall and to repay the kindness she agreed to spend a day crafting with the guides helping them to make things to sell at the Christmas Fayre to raise funds for the guides.

What I didn’t really do though was take note of what I actually had so I could avoid buying the same things again, until this weekend. A lovely lady on Facebook was selling Twinkling H2o’s at a really good price and I needed to buy them.  I knew I had several but not which ones so I googled for a colour chart to make sure I didn’t duplicate them and found this which suited the way my brain works, though there are others out there that are in set order.  This made me think that maybe having a note of what colours I have of things would be useful so off I went on an internet hunt.  I found the most amazing blog and a whole host of printable sheets for keeping track of what you have.  You can find it here

I spent ages over the weekend punching out shapes and borders and making notes of what I had.  Then I decided to list my inks, having recently discovered my much underused distress ink pads.  I found what I need on the Ranger site and began making a big mess.  I discovered that even among my meagre 8 bottles of stickles I had 2 the same, which given that I use stickles maybe once a year as I am too impatient to wait for them to dry is nonsense!  I have found all sorts of duplicates including 3 1″ circle punches and 7 corner rounders!  Seven – what on earth possessed me?  In fairness 3 of them came as a set and are all different, one was my original thumb punch one that I took the cover off to make scallops and then broke the cover putting it back on but still.  I now have a fair size basket of bits that I will be selling on at some point, which includes a 1″ punch and some corner rounders.  Once I have completed all my inventory sheets I will keeping them close by my side when the notion to grab myself a bargain or just shop for the fun of it strikes.

Going back to distress inks.  I bought some of these when they first came out, in fact I remember going to a distress type class at what was then my local craft store and using the inks and the embossing powder and absolutely hating the page I ended up with as it was just not my style.  Funny then that I should recently have a go at a page that, thinking back, used very similar techniques and absolutely loving it.  It is different to the pages I normally produce but I think I will be making more of this kind of thing soon.  What do you think?

I had planned to do some of the stuff over on Shimmelle‘s blog this weekend but I have recently begun to feel the need to start an art journal.  I love words, my pinterest boards have loads of word things and I cannot seem to resist stamps with saying on them.  This love of stamps like this, a facebook challenge to have a go at collage and my leanings towards art journalling led me to getting very messy and inky and making this …

It is 8×10 and made to fit a lovely frame I had sitting doing nothing.  I just hope I didn’t end up making it too bulky to fit the frame, but I am sure Gordon will find a way round it if I have.  I have another 2 frames the same so my brain is buzzing with what I can make to go in them.  The characters and flowers are from the Octopode factory and I do have some of the stamps but these are the digital version which are available here.  The bees are Stampotique and the quote, which is what inspired the whole thing, is from Cat’s Life Press.  I love the quirkiness of it and it is so different to what I would normally make.  Mmm, maybe art journalling will be fun.


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