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How do you do yours?

on August 11, 2011

Photos, that is.  I process mine in a very convoluted way involving 2 computers and 2 totally different operating systems, more about that later, I then get them printed using either my local Jessops or online at Snapfish.  I used to use Photobox but after a lot of hassles I switched.  I seem to be in the minority among my friends at having my photos pre printed as most of them print at home.  I personally don’t like the quality of home prints or the cost, at 5-9p a print it is much cheaper to have them printed for you.

The trouble with this is that you end up with loads of photos and no time to actually do anything with them.  I got to a point a few years ago when I felt I was drowning in photos and had no urge to do anything with them.  Thankfully I found a book called Photo Freedom and then an online class and a system that I have made work for me.  My printed photos go in date order into 4 archival photo albums and as I add my latest order in I have to take my oldest photos out to make room for them.  These older photos go into category drawers under 4 main headings – All about Us, Places we go, People we love & Things we do. Each heading has it’s own drawer and sub divided within that.  The core of my system has been in place for about 2 years now and I need to make a few tweaks.  For instance my youngest grandson doesn’t yet have a category section but all his photos are still in the current binders, I also want to tweak some of my other categories and change the colours of some of the cards.

Stacy’s online class usually runs for 12 weeks from February but this year it has changed a lot, mainly as she now has the sole rights to her books which she didn’t have before.  The class is almost at an end as it started at the end of May and was just totally the wrong time for me to spend much time with it.  Thankfully it is a forever access class and this year was free to all who had paid for a class in the past 3 years so I don’t feel guilty.  I now just need to spend some time streamlining my process of getting my photos ready for printing, which includes reducing the size from 6×4 to 3×4 for photos that I want to use several of at a time.  I will get there and it’s a nice way to spend time looking at photos with no pressure to scrap them.  In fact as I made space in my storage albums last night I pulled several sets of photos I wanted to scrap so that is what I am away to do now.


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