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Busy, busy, busy

on August 8, 2011

Being a teacher I know I am lucky to get an amazing amount of holidays.  I am even luckier in that I don’t make the decisions about how long I get off, someone else does that therefore it really is not my fault that I get them.  I can honestly say it wasn’t even a factor in my decision to be a teacher, but I do think that the children need their holidays, though maybe the 6-7 week summer is too long and should be more evenly spread over the year.

The crazy thing is that the holidays go so fast and life is always busier and therefore less scrapping and creating generally gets done. It did take me many years to work out why I made less pages during the summer though.  This year the 6 weeks seem to have gone past even faster than ever before, maybe a sign of my advancing years, though friends of mine with children also feel they have gone by really fast.  This time next week I will be back at school, though I will have to be in school mode most of this week to get caught up a bit before the term really starts.  It still beats last year though when I spent 3 weeks of my holidays in school sorting stuff as I had to move rooms.

My week in Scarborough and 5 day mini trek across central Scotland seem very far away now.  I normally take my daughter, her 2 children and my oldest granddaughter away for a week but the age difference is such that it wasn’t fair to expect Beth to do what the younger ones wanted so she got to pick 5 places to go for day trips and to take a friend with her.  Unfortunately her friend and I were only at home at the same time for one week of the holidays, hence the 5 days in a row, by the end of which we were all exhausted.  It was good fun and I really enjoyed spending that time with her and noticing how fast she is growing up.  It also gave me loads of photo ops though I did spend a almost a week sorting and processing photos while half watching tv.

This past week has been more relaxed and I have even managed to get some pages made.  I started this one one evening during my mini trek but it almost never got finished.  In my quest to find my ‘style’ I have discovered that I really don’t like using big bits of paper, unless they are the start of lots of layers, but I wanted to use a border punch round 3 sides so I was restricted by how small I could make it.  I do like the final page though and it is another lesson learned. 

The flower I used was a Junkitz one that I have had for years.  I am still really happy with my craft reorganisation as I am finding all sorts of treasures I had forgotten I had.  My challenge now is to find the time to use them.  Wish me luck with that one!


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