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At last!

on July 12, 2011

Here I am, another new blog, another try at documenting my life to offset my failing memory.  I am hoping that I will find a balance between feeling under pressure to have lots of new creations to share and using this blog as a push to encourage me to be creative.  Time will tell.

I started scrapbooking about 5 years ago, shortly after my second granddaughter was born.  At that time it was a whole new world to me and one I felt quite overwhelmed by.  Gradually that feeling of being overwhelmed reduced and I enjoyed my latest hobby more and more.  As time has passed though that feeling of being overwhelmed returned but this time it was due to the amount of stuff I had accumulated.  My craft space and storage had sort of grown over time and was a higgeldy piggeldy mess that I fought bravely to organise.  The amount of money I have spent on plastic storage over the years is frightening but I was feeling less and less inclined to create as my stuff always seemed to be in a guddle, which is a Scots word for mess.

Back in 2006 I had a craft room which looked like this …

and this …

Then my partner’s children came to stay for a summer so I had to move everything up to my bedroom to allow them some privacy and peace.  They were followed by other relatives coming to stay and as they were coming from South Africa, they tended to come for more than a weekend visit so my craft stuff remained in my bedroom where it blossomed and grew.

By the end of 2010 after yet another reorganisation it looked a bit like this …

Loads more stuff, loads less space and light.  The room seriously needed redecorated but the thought of moving all my stuff out and in put me off.  Every holiday I would aim to get it done but something always got in the way, until this summer.

In June I was helping Angela at the Art Stamps exhibition in Edinburgh along with Jenni and Karen.  It was a fun weekend.  On the Saturday night we all went back to Jenni’s new flat in Edinburgh where she proudly showed off her spare bedroom come craft room, and I fell in love.  She had her stuff in boxes in a unit from Ikea and it just looked so neat and tidy.  On the Sunday I went home after a busy weekend and began planning.  I needed one of those units, I needed that type of organisation.  I discussed it with Gordon and he was all for it, though he felt that painting over the god awful wallpaper was unnecessary!

Several trips to Ikea followed as I measured storage boxes and planned how I was going to have my stuff organised.  I thought very carefully about it all before I made a final decision as it was too much money to get wrong. The last 10 days of the school term saw me packing my craft stuff into a range of boxes and stashing them wherever there was space.  The holidays arrived and out came the paint brushes.  It took 4 coats of paint on the walls and the doors and 2 on the ceiling!  I then built the unit with Gordon’s help and started putting everything back but it just wasn’t quite right. Another trip to Ikea followed with the purchase of another unit and then the final touches began.  I repainted frames and sorted photos, I found homes for all sorts of things I forgot I had and I purged the things I knew I would never use.  These went into 2 piles – one for my school and another for Karen to use to help raise funds for Arthritis Care.

So now my lovely craft space looks like this …

It’s been hard work but I absolutely love it.  My main task now is to use my lovely stuff up, record many happy memories and enjoy myself in the months and years to come.  It will be a long, long time before I make any changes to my crafty haven.


One response to “At last!

  1. hannahk says:

    Linda I love your new space ~ such a happy colour and so easy to find everything. thanks for sharing

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