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Mixed blessings

on April 3, 2011

I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted here!  I haven’t been in the most positive frame of mind these past few weeks so it’s maybe just as well I was MIA as it wouldn’t have been cheery posts.  The good news is my knee is almost as it was, I still have problems with stairs, especially going up them, but I can walk normally which is a huge improvement.  I need to sort myself out an exercise programme that allows me to strengthen my knees before I go back to the exercise routine I had.  I am amazed at how much I have missed my daily walking, I mean exercise was something other people did and not something I really enjoyed, until fairly recently.  Hopefully in 6 months time I will have surpassed my previous levels of fitness and be enjoying my exercising again.

I am still loving Karen‘s Finding Your way class over at BPS.  I am not how much of my way I have found but I can see a definite increase in awareness of how I put a page together, what I like and don’t like and the sort of style I really, really like.  In fact I have become almost obsessive about scrap-booking again, almost like I was when I first discovered it way back when.  In some ways being stuck at home immobile has been a mixed blessing as it has allowed me the time to experiment and look and think and get myself lost in the process again.  I think I sort of lost that a bit and found making pages really hard at times, though I’m not sure why.

For now I will share a page I like and think is my style, a page I like but I’m not sure if it’s my style and a page I really don’t like, though life is far too short for me to do anything with it apart from put it in an album and consider it a story told.

This took ages to pull together and although it's nothing like I thought it would be, I really like and I do think it is me.

This I love but I am not sure if it is really my style or if it a very heavily influenced by Karen style. I found it quite stressful to pull together but I love the finished result.

This I don't like. I was experimenting with various things and it is one of 2 pages that I have made recently that I actively dislike, though I have no doubts that my granddaughter will love it, and that is important.

For now I will wish you a happy mother’s day as I toddle off back to my craft desk.  It is an early start for school tomorrow and I will be glad to be back properly.


One response to “Mixed blessings

  1. alexa says:

    Glad things are so much better for you, and hope school goes well tomorrow. I’m intrigued that I too, coincidentally, have been playing around with overlapping circles on layouts! I love all the bits of The Eyes Have It – such great texture and yet plenty of room to breathe too.

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