Blethers and blahs

Random ramblings from a chaotic life

Project 365

on March 20, 2011

First of all there is some possible good news with regards to getting the Becky Higgins Project Life kits here in the UK at a reasonable cost on this blog.  I really hope it all works out as I still would really like to get my hands on this kit for myself and my daughter.

My own pages are up to date, just.  It hasn’t been easy over the past 10 days as there have been some days when getting out of bed has taken all that I have.  Yesterday was a good day but today is about the worst ever with a lot of numbness in my leg as well, which is a worry.  I am hoping to get back to work tomorrow but I will have to see what the morning brings.

I am still happily working my way through the Finding Your Way class and making some changes and I am also noticing some significant changes in my style and the way I do things.  Some pages I am liking more than others but I will explain the ins and outs in the next post.  For now here are my updated pages.  Wish me luck for tomorrow.  Take care x x x


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