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Unexpected Delight

on March 6, 2011

If someone had asked me how I would describe my scrapbooking style I would have used the words clean, uncluttered, not messy and varied.  This week I hav surprised myself though.  I had a few photos on my desk that I was determined to use and I had begun to gather bits in a ‘favourite basket’.  This was one of Karen‘s ideas and I have to say I really liked.  I normally am quite uptight about keeping my stash tidy and in the ‘right’ places but as I was reorganising I found a few things that I had forgotten I had but really liked so I decided to adopt it and see how it goes.

So far I really like it and I am using things that would otherwise be lost in the mass of stuff.  I founf myself playing a little bit here and there with stuff I had close to my desk and I am really happy with the result.  It isn’t anything like I would have expected to come up with as I used mists and paint and ink and other messy bits, which is why it was made in short bursts as it needed to dry in between.

It’s a bit squint and not the best photo of it but I still think it’s kind of cute.  I managed another page after this which is totally different but the light was too bad to photograph it tonight.  I am quite enjoying this journey of adventure, for the moment anyway.


One response to “Unexpected Delight

  1. alexa says:

    And the ‘messy bits’still results in a clean uncluttered look – lovely! Glad you are having fun. 🙂

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