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Out of chaos comes …..

on March 2, 2011

….. even more chaos!  Now I have never pretended to be a naturally tidy person.  Although I hate mess and clutter I am someone who seems to create it wherever they are, especially at home.  This is partly because I have too much stuff – in this house there are way too many books, too much stash of the wool, fabric and paper crafting kind, and simply too much.  I am not alone as himself is a really bad hoarder and has been known to ‘rescue’ things that other people have thrown out to make into something else.  Somehow though, when there is too much stuff evident, it is my fault.  I have yet to find the truth in that but himself is sticking to his carefully constructed theory, regardless.

Over the years I have found that too much is not always a good thing, sometimes it can even be the worst thing.  I am sure I am not alone in sitting down to create some (wonderful?) masterpiece and finding that making a decision about what to actually use and what to do with it defeats me and I wander off having created nothing but more mess.  Please tell me that I’m not.  Anyway, this issue of stuff came to a head at the weekend for 2 reasons.  1 was because of the class I take on Thursday and Friday mornings and the teacher who normally has them for the Thursday afternoon being off sick and the other was because of this class over at BPS.

At Golden time, which is a 30 minute treat time that all children get, poor behaviour results in minutes lost from the original 30, I had a small group of girls who wanted to use one of the school sizzix machines to make some things.  We don’t have many dies or nice paper but they started making a fairy garden with what they could find.  I told them I would bring in some different dies and maybe some nice paper for this week’s Golden Time.  Karen’s BPS class is about finding your own authentic scrapbooking style.  What do they have in common I hear you ask?

Well, one of the main tasks in the initial class lesson is to sort your scrapbook stash so that those things you use most frequently are closest to hand.  I have almost managed this but I had to restructure a few things, not least my rub ons and stickers and my stamps.  Now these 2 categories sort of amount to more than a few things and it took me many hours to get them reorganised.  The next hurdle was a file box I had of 12×12 sheets of alphas and die cuts and journalling cards and various other ‘bits’ that didn’t fit anywhere else.  I have been meaning to sort this box for months now but I kept putting it off.  I started this on Saturday and I managed to get it finished about half an hour ago having slogged away at it for most of my ‘at home and awake time’ since then.  All I have to do now is see if it works with my creative process and I am all set.  If it doesn’t …. I think I may just give up, lol.  I did manage to purge a fair bit of paper along to way for the kids at school so tomorrows’ Golden Time may be happier but I think I may be spreading the chaos!

Most of the rub ons and stickers waiting to be sorted.

3 boxes of stamps

Rub ons and stickers in their new home

Most of the bits and bobs box waiting to be sorted

Please excuse the god awful wallpaper.  I have been meaning to redecorate this room for months now but I never seem to have the energy and time at a similar point.  Hopefully in the forthcoming Easter holiday, though the thought of relocating all of my stuff to do it fills me with dread.


One response to “Out of chaos comes …..

  1. alexa says:

    Don’t you just hate a task which suddenly expands to include all kinds of other things which need doing first! But you’ve managed that very tidily – hopefully the rest of finding your style will be less hassle free!

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