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Digi Delights

on February 22, 2011

It is only Tuesday and I have managed two pages.  Go me!  They are both digi pages, which are a little quicker, but I am pleased to have 2 more stories told.  I had decided to try and complete this week’s challenge over on UKS so I set about making a page that fitted the requirements.  The trouble is my memory is not what it was and I forgot that the challenge said not to use pink or flowers.  This is the page and, as you can see, it certainly didn’t fit the criteria.

As I went to upload it I realised that it didn’t fit but I really liked it so didn’t want to change it in any way so I tried again.  This time the page I made did fit the criteria and records Callan’s current fascination with pushing buttons, especially when they are on something that requires electricity to work.  This has caused some damage to a few things but nothing irreparable, so far anyway.

I am also quite impressed with the fact that I am managing to keep up with my walking, though being back at school will mean I will have to be better organised to ensure I can fit everything in.  I am feeling a lot healthier than I have previously though and I seem to have more energy than before. The walking is fine, I can manage a brisk walk for an hour without any real problems, as long as it’s not too hilly.  I thought I would challenge myself and went swimming yesterday.  I have to confess to thinking that now my fitness had improved a bit it would be fairly straightforward.  The only person that I was fooling was myself!  After 15 minutes I was shattered and after 25 I gave up and left the pool.  I was reallysurprised that Iwasn’t sore today but my lack of stamina was an eye opener so I am going to try and fit swimming in a few times a week, it’s just finding a pool that isn’t full of children at the times I would be using it.  Not an easy thing to do round here but I have a new determination towards getting fitter so I am not going to give up easily.  For now though I am taking my weary body off to lie down with a good book.  Good night.


2 responses to “Digi Delights

  1. alexa says:

    Love both these Los – the second reminds me of my own DGS who could say ‘iphone, Daddy’ before almost anything else, and the first one is beautifully composed – those dark diamonds just add something special and the way you’ve used the lacy and doodly contrast of black and white is just masterful. Delighted you are finding all your exercise efforts so rewarding. 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you for your kind words Alexa

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