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3 is my lucky number

on February 20, 2011

Well it has been this week and I have managed to create 3 paper pages!  2 were for chalenges over on UKS and the other was from a free class that Shimmelle is doing on 2 Peas.

The first UKS challenge was to use a sketch and fabric or fibres.  I used some small photos I had printed ages ago and cut the black stars from fabric and added a few extra stitches for fun.

The second challenge was to use 3 different patterned papers, a border punch and multiple photos.  These pics were printed at the same time as the previous page but I usually forget to use them.

I find I am going back to some of my oldest supplies these days, which is strange but if it uses up some of my stash mountain it makes me happy.

The third page was based on a free class on 2 Peas that Shimmelle is producing.  The appeal for me was that it uses 6×4 photos which is what I get printed every few months and therefore have plenty of so I am more than happy to play along with this one.

Now I am back at school on Tuesday so the chances of me completing 3 pages next week are very slim, however I am hoping to get at least one done by this time next week.  Wish me luck!



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