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I did it!

on February 14, 2011

I actually scrapped.  It took me ages and it is very basic but I made a page.  It was originally going to be an 8.5×11 page but I felt it was just too stark so I trimmed an inch of the bottom and mounted it onto a 12×12 paper and although it is very simple I like it.

After that I realised that I needed a little bit of reorganisation of my craft stuff as that was one of the things stopping me being creative.  That done I managed 2 pages today, though the light was too bad to photograph them by the time I had finished them.  It feels so good to be crafting again, I just hope it lasts.

Apart from that life is quiet.  I need to put last week’s 365 page together and I want to spend some time getting some of my stories recorded as I have been a bit lazy with that and having the stories written down helps when I need a push.  It is so nice to be on holiday just now.  We normally have a Monday off but this year we have a whole week which is great but some teachers have complained about their summer holiday being shorter as a result.  As if we aren’t really lucky with the holidays we get!

I find my holidays are always really busy as I try to fit in as much time with my family and Gordon as I can as well as a bit of time for myself but it isn’t always possible.  I am still going with the exercising and managing an hours walk a day, either inside with the wii or outside.  There are a lot of footbridges in our area which go over the roads and it is quite tricky to go far without having to cross one.  I am absolutely terrified of heights so crossing these bridges is an absolute nono for me which made walking any great distance difficult.  Thankfully Gordon managed to find me a route that takes about an hour and doesn’t mean crossing any bridges.  I do feel as though my fitness is increasing and I can now run up and down the stairs several times without being out of puff which is handy for someone as forgetful as me 🙂

For now I am trying to find a system that allows me to make scrapbook pages more frequently and consistently and also more quickly as life is filling up fast these days, though in a good way.


One response to “I did it!

  1. alexa says:

    A lovely page! Popping in onto that subtle background is a real success… Glad you are feeling physically a bit better and hope the fresh air and exercise keep you feeling energised…

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