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One small step

on February 5, 2011

One small step along the road I go ……. I think I have finally lost the plot completely.  I have signed up to walk 13 miles at night in September this year in aid of Cancer research.  I was aware of the Glasgow Shine walk last year but I was in no way able to take part.  This year will be different though.  I have been trying to move more and eat less al la Cathy Zeilske since the turn of the year and  I have been moderately successful at sticking to both, despite having been ill for a good part of the month.

I have thought about this for a few weeks now and finally decided that I needed to make a decision.  The fact that it isn’t until September means I have plenty of time to get fit enough to finish it.  It is also thanks to Gordon’s support in helping to clear out our spare room so I have somewhere to use the wii whenever he wants to watch tv.  I have my knitting and sewing machines in there and the rest of the room had just become a dumping ground.  It took many hours of work to get it sorted and nearly finished the two of us off as neither of us were fully recovered from the lurgy.

Part of the spare room

Some of the junk that needed rehoused

My new 'fitness' room

The table in front of the tv is for my sewing machine and is light enough to get moved around to suit.  I just need to find the time and energy to get using it more often, that and my knitting machine.  I have to say that the exercise is helping as I am sleeping better than I usually do and although I am really tired a lot of the time I am putting that down to having been so ill recently and trying to work through it as I just cannot justify taking time off work when many of my colleagues are suffering in the same way.

Needless to say my Project 365 page is all about my fitness endeavours and my shiny bright new trainers which, at only 2 days old, haven’t yet seen the outside world lol.  Tomorrow my baby brother is coming for a visit before he heads back off to China to work again.  He has been home for about a year and is now itching to get back over there.  He leaves later this week and it will be good to see him as I will miss him when he is far away.  Thank goodness for the internet which really has made the world a smaller place.

I still haven’t managed a page as yet but I do have photos prepared and the beginnings of a story in my head, which is progress.  I am not pushing it but I am trying to let it come to me slowly, so as not to premept things or put myself off even more.  Maybe the exercise will help increase my energy levels and bring me a greater sense of calm which will allow me to be creative again.


One response to “One small step

  1. alexa says:

    What a great commitment to make! Cheering you on here as you clear out, recover, and gradually prepare … Hope you have alovely time with little bro’. 🙂

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