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Darth Vader has finally left the building ….

on January 29, 2011

Oh my what a week it has been and certainly not the best week to have been ill.  I have woken myself up so often this past week with my heavy breathing, Darth has my deepest sympathies 🙂  Seriously though I am finally on the mend and couldn’t have picked a worse week to have been ill.  In fact on one of the days I wasn’t fit enough to go to school I managed to get some work brought home to do as it couldn’t be left due to deadlines.

Unfortunately this time I seem to have passed the bug onto Gordon who is suffering mightily as I type.  I am being sympathetic though as I know how awful he is feeling.  I just hope that our quota of sickness has been completed for a good few months anyway.

Crafting wise I haven’t got a huge amount done though I have managed to keep my project 365 up to date.  I am ever hopeful for some extra time in each day and sometimes I am lucky.  I just have to accept that I cannot do everything, though it isn’t always easy.


One response to “Darth Vader has finally left the building ….

  1. alexa says:

    It sounds desperate to be having to cope with all this illness and hoping you will be recovered very soon. Teachers only ever take time off when they are totally incapacitated so you must be ‘proper poorly’ as we say up here! All the more kudos to you for keeping up with your 2011 diary. Yes, I wasn’t too impressed by the return of the frost and cold either :(.

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