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My last one ….

on January 26, 2011

Christmas themed scrapbook page that is, well for a wee while anyway.

The top looks a bit wonky but that’s because I scanned and stiched it rather than take a photo of it.  I have also given myself a little rest from my December Daily though I have all the photos and notes safe for when I get the urge to complete it.  I may simply remove the date from each page and keep them as ordinary pages, I haven’t quite decided on that yet.

I currently have yet another chest infection, a particularly bad one this time, which has left me feeling very tired and drained, hence no updates here.  I did manage to struggle into work on Monday and Tuesday though, mainly for the Lego League Competition which had been resceduled from December.  Monday was a final run through for the children who had become very nervous and yesterday was the actual competiton at Edinburgh unversity.  The children had a ball and all recieved a special medal and got a special mention for the project presentation.  The theme was ‘Body Forward – Where Engineering Meets Medicine’ and was particularly tricky for my group as most of them have either syndromes or disorders or some kind of difficulty with their learning.  For me it was all worth it to see them in action, after the initial stress and nerves wore off.  They were an absolute credit to themselves, their parents and the school and were far better behaved than many others who attended from more priveleged backgrounds.

The practice and competition tables seen from above

The competition table up close

Our humble (borrowed) robot

The medals for all entrants and cups for the winners

As a teacher I achieved everything I hoped for with this rather disparate group as they have formed close bonds and work together as a team far better than I could ever have predicted and that is what my job is all about.  These children have had an experience they will never forget and I hope the skills they have developed stay with them.  I am delighted to have been lucky enough to join them on their journey.


One response to “My last one ….

  1. alexa says:

    So sorry you are poorly again … 😦 and hope you’ll be brighter soon. How wonderful you must be with your young charges to help them achieve and grow like this – inspirational! That photo of Katy is just priceless, and your title is perfect!

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