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I had a plan

on January 16, 2011

I really did but like some of the best plans, it didn’t quite work the way I had hoped.  I am used to plans as my hole working life is planned in advance.  We complete long term plans and weekly plans, individual plans and group plans, even our holidays are planned in advance for us.  My plan was to work on my December Daily digitally but to scrap some of my many Christmas photos with paper and embellies as I was yearning for the tactileness that I could see on other people’s pages.  I used the box from last years December Daily to store all my Christmas themed papers and embellies  so they were to hand, I gathered all my unscrapped Christmas photos from my binders and my category drawers and all I needed to find was some time.

Now I am a great little bits of life and little stories scrapbooker but I am a rubbish event scrapbooker.  When I first started going to crops and the people talked about having to finish one album before starting another I used to smile as I had no idea about scrapbooking like that.  I had always scrapped those photos that took my fancy and in very random order and although i take loads of photos at events such as birthdays and Christmas I seldom get round to doing anything with them other than an occasional multi photo digi page, so there were a fair few photos.

I have managed to make some small dent in my Christmas photos but not near as many I would have liked to have done.  Now I am fed up with moving the box of stuff from one spot to another to get room for anything else so I have put it away for now.  I am looking forward to scrapping something other than Christmas photos.  I am almost fed up with my December Daily now but I am determined to finish it and get it printed and bound and put away safe.


One response to “I had a plan

  1. alexa says:

    Great LOs here: love that pretty one of Michelle. I really empathise with the not-finished-and-can-I-be-bothered feeling, and hope you can either complete it to your satisfaction or abandon it with a clear conscience. Plans, eh! LIke your new blog look – very clean. 🙂

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