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Slow progress

on January 7, 2011

I am making slow progress with a few things just now.  I am on the mend after the horrible flu type virus but it is painfully slow, and boy the cough and my throat are still very painful.  I am making slow progress through the pages for my December Daily, I am about to start on 9th December, and I am also making slow progress with my new toy, a LK 150 knitting machine.

I have wanted a knitting machine for many years now and following a conversation with my children on Boxing Day I finally bit the bullet and bought one.  Unfortunatley due to the holidays a lot of the extra bits I need such as the DVD, a yarn winder and some cones of yarn have only just arrived so I have only really had a little play and have not actually made anything as yet.  I am so amazed at how fast a piece of knitted fabric is produced though, I can see the demand for knitted garments from my family being even greater than before, but at least I might have half a chance at keeping up now.

The only times I have been out of the house this past week have been with my grandaughters.  On Wednesday Iwent with my daughter and Katy to see Hairspray in Edinburgh.  It was Katy’s treat to make up for her birthday party having to be cancelled because of the snow.  I have to say it was an absolutely amazing show, one of the best I have seen and so much fun.  Today it was my oldest gradaughter Beth’s turn.  We were having a girly shopping day so she could spend her Christmas money.  It was great fun and she did really well but I am so tired tonight, way more than I would have thought possible.  The plan is for a lazy weekend so that I am fighting fit for Monday, well as close as I am likely to be anyway.  Hopefully I will be a bit more proficient with my knitting machine, a bit more up to date with my DD and I am hoping to get a chance to scrap with paper too, though that might be pushing my luck a bit.  We’ll see.


One response to “Slow progress

  1. Alexa says:

    Hoping you’ll be better soon – the flu/cold virus this year seems to be taking ages to get rid of. Admiring the way you’ve continued with your December Daily – I gave up on mine, alas. That top page in particular is so pretty, with the starts dropping down …

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