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I found it!

on January 3, 2011

My missing mojo that is.  Well, for a wee while at least.  This being January it is time to think of my word for the year.  This is my third or 4th year of choosing a word for the year ahead and I have en joyed the process of thinking about my word and what impact I would like it to have over the year ahead.  This year Ali is also doing a year long class related to OLW and I readily signed up, partly because I really like her relaxed, guilt free style and partly because I knew I needed a push in the right direction.  I am loving the first month’s prompt which is all about what your word means and how it might impact on your life over the year ahead.

For this year my word is Journey.  It sort of found me.  I had a list of possible words some I thought might suit, others I borrowed from the lists Ali compiles each year and I gradually went through the list crossing off those that I felt didn’t fit.  Funnily enough journey wasn’t on the list but there were a few I was leaning towards but they all seemed to fit into journey and how I envisaged it.  Then I began to notice the word journey in various places around me and the more I thought of the year ahead and the things that I know will be happening, journey fitted more and more.

My handwriting is a bit scrappy and I may well redo the cards with print at some point but for now, this is enough.  The caravan pic with the quote I loved and found on this fab site, which someone on BPC kindly linked to.  Another relevant picture I found on the same site is this – which I am going to get printed and framed for my craft wall.

I have also managed to get a page of my December Daily done today as well, despite having a horrible viral thing which has made me sore and achy and left me feeling very miserable.  The misery was compounded by the fact that I did school work most of the day and will have to do more tomorrow as well, but at least I will be organised for the return on Monday.  I actually quite like working almost up till christmas because this week seems like an extra and I should even get a bit more time for me and my scrapbooking.  I am planning on enjoying the rest of the holiday as best I can once the boring stuff is completed.  My December Daily may well be finished before January is at this rate 🙂  Take care x x x

One response to “I found it!

  1. Alexa says:

    What an inspiring page for your word! And you’ve already got on board some great quotes to fill your sails :). How on earth do you find time to knit such lovely gifts as well?

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