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A Tale of the Unexpected

on December 19, 2010

I am still here, though I am fast disappearing under another blanket of snow.  I wish it would all go away as I have had more than enough of the cold and disruption, lol.

We got back to school on Monday 6th only for the snow to start again just after 8am and it kept coming.  One foot of snow later the council sent 2 very kind men with shovels and a digger came and dug us out of the car park and I did eventually get home but it took a while.  The children all got home safe and that was the key thing, as I would have hated anything to have happened to them.  The following day the schools were closed and our school was closed for an additional day on the Wednesday as there were concerns about the roof.  We had to report to another school in the area for work that day and the usual 15 minute journey took me more than 1.5 hours!  By the time I got there I was totally stressed.  I had had pains in my chest off and on throughout the night and they came back with a vengeance shortly after I got to the school.  The upshot was I ended up in the hospital from the Wednesday till Thursday evening while they investigated.  There has been no definite reason given for the pain though heart and lung problems were ruled out, thankfully.  The doctor felt that the tablets I was taking for my neck were the problem as they had probably caused gullet pain but I have to go back at some point to have further tests done.

As a result my December Daily is way behind and school has been busy this week so no chance of getting back to it yet.  We have all been on snow watch here too with the forecast changing so frequently and everyone trying to get all the things that need to be done, done, before it gets any worse, though today it is whiteout here and has been for several hours unfortunately.  I really hope it stops soon as this is the week the children have their parties and pantos and it would be horrible if they have to miss them.  All staff took home extra bags of work on Friday though, just in case and the children have all been issued work tasks to be done of the schools are closed due to the weather.

I did manage 2 pages from the recent UKS cyber crop.  One was a class and one was a challenge but I managed to start another page and it has sat unfinished and neglected on my desk for 2 weeks now!  I have been focussing on my knitting and trying to get all my gifts finished and knot balaclavas for my grandsons. The first one I made was so successful that my youngest grandaughter wants one too to wear under her other hat and/or her hood as she doesn’t like scarves.  The positive side is that she wants hers in purple sparkly yarn, rather than the grey I used for the boys.  It’s just a pity that there are only so many hours in a day!  I have also been knitting for a colleague who had a baby girl the evening I got home from the hospital so I have plenty to keep me busy.  I am hoping to manage to get my December Daily up to date over the coming week before school finished for the holidays at 3.15 on December 23rd, though I think that will be a struggle.


One response to “A Tale of the Unexpected

  1. Alexa says:

    Love these pages! That photo of the cracker-pulling is glorious – such determination in a little face! She will go far. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a lovely few days and been able to relax.

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