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2nd December

on December 2, 2010

Ok, 2 posts in 2 days – this must be something of a record for me.  I doubt I will be able to maintain this momentum but I will be posting more regularly.  Thanks to all the lovely people who have taken the time to leave me a comment, either on here or over on UKS.  I am really grateful for your feedback and positivity.

Tonight I am stiff and sore but the effort was well worth it.  Despite the chaos that the weather has caused so far, and is continuing to cause, I may well be able to drive my own car tomorrow, yippee!  Katy has an appointment for blood tests tomorrow morning and the original plan was that I would get some time out of my planning time at school to go with her.  Her mum is terrified of needles and although she would take Katy and try hard not to let her fears show it just will be easier all round if I take her into the doctor with mum there as back up.  At the moment the test may be cancelled due to staff shortages but we won’t know till tomorrow morning so I needed to be prepared.  Katy is having a hard time with all this snow as her party venue is inaccessible and she will have to have it at home now, which is not the same as having a big hall and special DJ and games etc.  I’m not sure how well attended it will be as conditions here are still really bad with no buses since Monday and very few roads in this area cleared.

I was determned today to get my car cleared but once I started I wanted to cry as there was just too much snow.  I was thigh deep at points on the path behind my car and that was just what had fallen, nothing extra had been added to it.  There was quite a crowd out trying to clear paths for walking and cars and parking spaces but the kind neighbour who built the wall in front of my car yesterday was adding to it today, while I was trying to clear the side!  I was able to remain polite when I asked him not to add to that particular pile as my car had to be free so I could get out.  Luckily the foster son of one of our other neighbours then offered to help and eventually everyone was mucking in trying to get cars out so folk could get to work and anywhere else they needed to be.  I told them all how grateful I was for their help but when they saw me taking photos of my newly cleared car they thought I was mad, lol.  I didn’t try to explain just smiled sweetly and said thank you again.  Hopefull the snow will stop for a short time but even if it doesn’t it won’t be such a gargantuan effort to clear my car each day from now on.  I kept today’s page much simpler than yesterday’s as I wanted the sentiment to be the main point of the page.  Thanks for taking the time to come and visit and I hope that your neighbours are as helpful and friendly as mine have been today.  Take care x x x


One response to “2nd December

  1. ~natasha~ says:

    Great befoer and after pictures. I love the fact that your neighbours enquired to why you are taking pictures. Its a scrappers prerogative though 😉 Great simple page, love the backing paper. Thanks for sharing.

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