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Grateful for friends

on November 15, 2010

I am lucky to have some very good friends.  Some of my friends are people I first met in real life, others I first met online but have since met in real life and still others I class as friends but have only met online and not in real life.  I had a conversation about this with some friends just the other day, about how different life is now thanks to the internet and how we have different relationships with different people and in different ways to how we used to before we had internet access.

I have met some really lovely people through the internet.  One of those is Alexa who is always lovely enough to leave me a comment despite my sporadic posting and her hectic life.  Alexa is one of those people I admire for many reasons – she writes beautifully and in a way that makes me envious, she makes the most stunnng pages that really focus on the photos and the story and she is managing to hold onto her sanity despite a very stressful home situation that involves an extension to her house being built in fits and starts round about her.

Another lovely lady that I have met through the internet is Susanne.  She is the leader of my UKS Team and faithfully sets us a challenge each week.  This is often a sketch but not always and I try very hard to give them a try.  Recently it was a sketch and it inspired me to pull out a page I had started about 2 years ago and got totally stuck with and I managed to not only finish it but I am really pleased with it to.

Recently I have become a sort of guerrilla scrapper – stealing 10 minutes here and there as I run past my desk.  Pulling out photos, a few sheets of paper, moving things round and round and doing little bits here and there until I am happy.  It’s not perfect but it is better than nothing, which is the alternative at the moment.  It does work though as I managed to create this page over about a week.

I have another page partly done on my desk and hopefully it too will be completed soon.  Take care x x x

One response to “Grateful for friends

  1. Alexa says:

    Oh Iruk, I am very touched by your kind comment … and thank-you :). I am always happy to visit and admire your work, and am loving your picture of Katy on the swing with those evocative candy colours – such a happy feel. I also love your phrase ‘guerrilla scrapper'(I’ve been calling it ‘pocket-scrapping’ but like your phrase better) and really identify with having to do things in small chunks!

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