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It really is that simple

on October 20, 2010

To take a generic photo and combine it with some meaningful words and get a new favourite page.  Here it is …. My apologies for the slight orange cast to the bottom of the page, it was some orange card I was using for school stuff reflecting upwards.

I love this photo of my daughter partly because it is one of the few that are not taken as she tries to hide from the camera.  She is a bit better now about getting ‘caught’ but most often when she is with her children, seldom alone and relaxed like this.

At the moment my craft stuff is very neat and tidy but that is only from earlier today.  Once I have sorted and organised my photos I will relate the story of the chaos that came before today but that is for next time.  For now I am happy basking in a bit of clear desk and a hoovered carpet, at least for a short while.  Take care x x x

One response to “It really is that simple

  1. alexa says:

    Very striking page – and such a good idea to find a ‘generic’ photo when there’s a strong message to write…

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