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Once Upon a Time …

on October 15, 2010

… there were enough hours in a day for me to get done all I needed to do.  Ha!  If only, not even the believer of the most far fetched fairy tales would believe that one.

Seriously though, once upon a time, or the need to have the small stories of my family’s life recorded for when my memory fades totally, is why I started scrapbooking.  Almost all of my pages have journalling on them, though in the early days it was mostly hidden due to my poor relationship with my handwriting.  In fact one day I will have to go back to those early pages and try and make some of the hidden stuff more obvious, or else it will be lost forever.

It was with this thought in mind that I had convinced myself I needed to take Karen Grunberg‘s recent class at BPS.  It was called A Book of Stories and it has been, without a doubt, one of the most worthwhile classes I have taken.  It is certainly the one I have participated in the message boards the most and one that will change my scrapping process for a long time to come, if not forever.  I have previously taken another one of Karen’s classes at BPS on journalling and I knew that I wanted to hear what she had to say and that i can make her ideas and inspiration work for me.

The overall idea was to analyse your own scrapbooking process in terms of journalling and recording stories and then devise a system of recording and sorting those stories for when you needed them.  I really struggled with this at first because my stories are the little things, likemy grandson ‘reading’ the instructions from his mum’s new washing machine wearing a hard hat and holding a tool box because he was Bob the Builder and was going to fix it.  This story has no photo to go with it as mum couldn’t find her camera in time, but I will now record it with a generic photo of his cute little face.  I don’t tend to scrapbook about big things like Christmas and birthdays and special holidays but about all the little things that make these times so special.

Now I have somewhere to record these stories, both on paper and electronically, and it is great!  It will help with my digi scrapping in particular as I often start these pages with a story in mind.  When I paper scrap I start with the photos and the story behind the photos.  Now I have a neat little binder, which may get decorated at some point, to hold all my stories.  I am using Evernote to capture bits and pieces electronically and these will be printed and added to my binder on a regular basis.  My binder was an extortionate £1.50 in my local Asda and I made the dividers using old card that was not acid free.  I have short bits for notes and longer bits for recording whole stories and my head has been absolutely spinning with things I want to get written down.

Binder with dividers

Binder wiht notes page

Binder with extended story

Now I have a system for my photos and my stories so I am happy.  This page is a digi page I made using a story from my binder, and I love it!  If you have a story collecting system, please share it with me as I will be adapting and tweaking my system at times, these is often a better way to do something out these, the trick is in finding it.  Take care x x x

One response to “Once Upon a Time …

  1. alexa says:

    I love this LO! Glorious colours and design … Glad you have a system for your stories, and hope it works well. Some years ago, I took Jessica Sprague’s Stories in Hand ( think it was called) which also had lots of prompts. I started to use it and then stopped: mmm! perhaps I’ll go back and work out why and how to get it to work again.

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