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I am enough

on September 6, 2010

I love this inspirational collaborative.  Sometimes, like today when I realise that I haven’t blogged in a week and what’s worse, I hadn’t actually realised.  When I feel as though I am way behind with everything and that no matter how hard I work or little I sleep, there is still only 24 hours in each day … I take time to read the newer posts and some of the older ones.  It always has the desired effect and for a short while, at least, I feel that I am enough and that I don’t have to feel guilty because I cannot do it all.  It grounds me and calms me and makes me thankful for what I have in my life and for what I can do.  I hope it helps someone else realise that they too are enough, just as they are.  Take care xx x


One response to “I am enough

  1. alexa says:

    Lovely reminder. Indeed we are …

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