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Digital Delights

on August 29, 2010

When I started scrapbooking many years ago it was to capture the stories of our lives.  I found I very quickly got seduced by all the pretty papers and embellishments that you could buy and for a while that was almost why I made pages, to play with pretty things.  I still recorded stories and most of my pages had journalling on them somewhere, but the pretty things played a big part.

This was fine until I was going away for a few days on my own and wanted to take some bits with me to create.  The few bits I had in mind soon became almost a car full and at that I had forgotten some key bits that I really needed.  The almost car full of stash helped me create only 3 pages.  That was when I decided to eother forget scrapbooking away from home or try and alternative approach, which became digi scrapping and a whole other area of lusciousness opened up.  The great thing about digi scrapbooking bits is that you only buy them once and you can use them again and again.

Dinosaur Dreams

My first few pages were truly awful but were dutifully printed and stored in an album and I do sometimes look back at them, though not with much pleasure.  They did record the stories and for that they are worth keeping.  I originally used a microsoft package which allowed layers and some shadows, though these were very limited.  After a while I began to use photoshop which was a huge learning curve but much more flexible and I have recently switched to elements which is different again but I am getting to grips with it slowly.

I find myself going through phases switching between paper and digi, depending on my mood and available time.  Most of my digi pages these days starts with a template but these are frequently adapted and changed to suit the page I want to make and the story I want to tell.  The downside to digi is keeping it all organised, it seems to take much longer and is often more difficult to find the exact thing you know you have that will just put the finishing touch to the page in progress.  One of the great things about digi is that you get freebies and you could probably make everything you needed just with them.  Me, I am still attracted by the prettyness so find myself buying things I really don’t need.

That said I do use bits of my digi stash to make games and thigns for school, the kids love them and it saves me money and enhances my teaching so everyone is a winner.  I just need to not buy anything else, ever again!  As that’s not likely to happen I am off to do some sorting and organising using ACDSEE.


One response to “Digital Delights

  1. alexa says:

    These pages are lovely – I admire the way you capture and use lots of detail and elements, and yet there’s room for it all to breathe. I’m a bit of a ‘switcher’ between paper and digital too! And I still haven’t sorted the going to crops problem, and what to take!

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