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With a little help from my friends

on August 22, 2010

Phew!  That’s the first week of school over and despite not having taught at all I have been working silly, crazy hours.  Somehow over the holidays I forgot how much paperwork my job entailed, it’s the only bit about it I would happily change.  Anyway, I have lots of children to teach next week, some I am familiar with, others not so, but that will change very quickly as we begin the exciting journey of getting to grips with the new(ish) curriculum over the term.  Despite all the media scaremongering the future is exciting but I am not sure just how the powers that be will relish the freedom that has been given to teachers in Scotland.  But hey ho, that’s not for me to worry about, at least not yet.

As a result I have not managed to scrap this week at all!  In fact I had a page in progress on my desk since last Sunday and all I have managed to do is swap one piece of paper for another.  Things will start to ease into a better routine soon though and I can get some sort of productivity back.  Last weekend I had a ball and managed a few pages, mainly for challenges on UKS.    The first challenge was to get up to date with Document 2010.  I started this in January and loved it and faithfully kept bits of paper for future months.  Sadly the death of my nephew Scott in February saw the wheels come off it a bit as I simply couldn’t face making February’s pages.  I still kept all my bits of paper and notes about things that we did but that was as close as I came.  I toyed with the idea of doing it digitally but having started with paper that didn’t feel right.  Thankfully the friendly challenge from a fellow UKSer helped and I started with July’s pages and plan on working backwards as well as keeping up to date from now on.  June’s page is the work in progress on my desk.  Here is my feature page for July, I won’t bore you with the other bits of it.  It features my youngest grandson’s first birthday party but he was the only child who wasn’t in the water as he slept through most of the fun having been awake since about 5am that morning.I used some of Sassfrass’ Indie Girl range which I love and some felt bits from American Crafts.  The other page I made was about a local tradition – the Gala Day.  I used photos from last year’s gala as this years was only yesterday.  I used a video from one of Shimmelle’s classes to make the flowers from ribbon and fabric strips and I am hoping to get time to make a step by step of the process at some point this week.

The funny thing with these 2 is that Logan is always the first to try something new, despite being the youngest.  Katy is much more cautious and watches first to see if she will like it.  A typical example was at yesterday’s gala.  They had a birds of prey display where you could get a photo taken with one of the birds.  Logan has been fascinated with these for years and is always desperate to touch the birds.  He jumped at the chance to have his photo taken but Katy didn’t even want to stand beside him, at first.  He really wanted to hold the big owl but as it was almost as tall as he was, it wasn’t going to happen.  Eventually the man who was organising the birds was able to convince Katy to stand beside Logan, which surprised me and her mum, and the only down side came when Logan had to give thebird back. 

So thank you to all those people who take the time to read this blog, to those who comment and let me know they are there and the the friends who keep me challenged to record my stories and share them.  I promise I will try harder to blog more often.  For now the ironing calls before I completely run out of uncreased clothes 🙂  Take care x x x


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