Blethers and blahs

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I want to remember …..

on August 8, 2010

First of all I do remember that I have a blog – life just got in the way of me making any posts.  Apologies if  you have visited hoping for an update, things should be better from now on.

I had got to a point where i felt all I did was moan and whinge about being in pain so I stopped posting and it got kind of hard to find the time and the opportunity at the same time.  Getting back to work after hurting my neck was a struggle and when i did get back I was so overwhelmed with the backlog of things I had to do I simply had no time or energy for anything else.  That was swiftly followed by a month long visit from my partner’s children which took me into the school holidays and the annual sort/clear out/tidy and then it was off to Haggerston Castle with my daughter and grandchildren for a week.  We got back on Friday and I have managed to catch up with the washing and almost catch up on my sleep.  It was seriously worth it though as the kids had a ball.

As for me I am probably going to spend most of the next week in school sorting my room out before the term begins, despite having already spent 3 days in school at the start of the holidays.  I am secretly pleased though as I have moved into a much bigger room from one that was not much more than a cupboard.  It will be great to have so much space and will really help me make lessons more individual than previously.

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