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Tag, your it!

on April 18, 2010

Well so much for my scrapping storm, I managed one whole page with paper and then I really stretched myself and managed a digi page and since then ….. nothing, nada, zip!  It is so frustrating when you want to do something and your body just point blank refuses to co-operate.  Anyway, the good news is I am not spending my time feeling sorry for myself.  I have been there, done that and don’t want reminded by the t-shirt, thank you very much.

In days gone by when I was in less pain and a bit more agile, I was terribly impatient – anyone who knows me well and is reading this will be cleaning off the tea/coffee/juice thay have just snorted all over the screen about now.  Now I am a teeny bit more tolerant of everyone except those that are impatient such as the lady behind me in Asda the other day.  She was at least 20 yrs older than me and a good deal fitter and sprightlier than I was at that time.  She decided that I was going far too slowly through the checkout and with a few light bumps from her trolley and her elbows and her shopping bag I would get the message and move faster.  Said lady is lucky I was in as much pain as I was or she would be wearing her shopping bag, permanently!  Maybe that is the lesson I have to learn from this, that tolerance of others is a good thing, as long as they don’t actually make physical contact with me, then it’s no holds barred, well as much as the pain will allow, lol.

Seriously though, the past 2 weeks I have been on holiday from school and I am going very slightly stir crazy.  I went back to my GP on friday, followed by x-rays and a referal to an orthopaedic specialist and being signed off work for 4 weeks.  Much as I was relieved at being signed off, because the pain is too much to bear politely and sociably at times, the thought of being off for 4 more weeks fills me with despair!  I am hoping to be back at work well before the 4 weeks is up, pain allowing.  As a sort of antidote to sitting at home feeling useless I have decided to play along with Ali Edwards as she documents a Week in the Life.  My main aim is to make myself do things, however small and mundane, as and when the pain allows.  I will see how it goes.

For now I am spending what seems like hours at a time tagging my digital photos as the next step in my Library of Memories journey.  I am also tagging my digital kit previews.  I use Acdsee for sorting my digi stuff and I can find most things via the previews.  Kits however often have way more stuff in them than the preview shows so I am trying to add keywords to these first, in an effort to find what I want faster.  Tagging is something I can do well, until boredom strikes anyway, despite my limited movement.  My left arm is slightly better but the pain is now in my right shoulder too, so my right side is now less mobile than previously.  Now if I was ambidextrous, life would be more or less ok just now.  Sadly that is not to be so I just have to make the best of it while I can.  Take care xx x


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