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One step forwards and 2 steps back

on April 12, 2010

Why is that every time I feel like I am getting somewhere something happens to take the wind out of my sails?  This weekend the weather has been lovely and the pain I have been feeling had lessened a lot.  I had gone from feeling hacked off and sorry for myself to feeling quite upbeat and positive.  Today I managed to turn my head the wrong way and now I am in agony again, though this time it is my right hand side that’s affected!  Grrr!  I am planning on scrapping up a storm today to make the most of the movement I have, just in case it gets worse.  The docs say it is wear and tear of the discs in my neck that is the problem.  They are apparently catching the nerves in my arm and this is what’s causing the pain.  The up side is I am now only on 11 pills a day, down from 22 last week.  I am hanging onto the positives at the moment as the long term prognosis is so unclear and is not likely to be anything nice and comforting, lol.

The past few days I have been baking trying to get to grips with gluten free cakes, with mixed results.  Gordon has become a cherry flapjack addict and I am really enjoying peanut and raisin cookies but I wanted to try something different.  I bought this bookand was a bit disappointed.  It contains some fantastic recipes but so far I have tried lemon and coconut muffins and blueberry muffins with mxed success.  The lemon muffins are like deep biscuits and although they taste nice they are a bit too dry and crumbly to be truly edible.  I have decided to use some of them as a trifle base though, so they’re not wasted.  The blueberry muffins are like ‘real’ blueberry muffins but with a biscuity crust on top.  Now I wrote out the recipes in metric as they are all written in American cup sizes, so I know the ingredients are correct but I think the problem is the mix is too dry so next time I wil adjust the recipe beforehand and they should be ok.

I posted on UKS asking for help and advice on gf baking and, as usual, the ladies on there were very helpful.  Some people offered to send me recipes which they have tried, which is fantastically generous of them.  Others made suggestions on where to find recipes they have used and one lady suggested I try this book, which I have ordered from Amazon.  As soon as I make something edible from it I will share. Shimmelle’s class is now closed, though I still have prompt 10 – working with transparencies to do.  It is on my desk as a work in progress along with some lush new sizzix dies that I bought, even though I really shouldn’t have.  However she is still keeping us going with some stash busting challenges.  Last week there were 3 of which I only managed one which was to use as many things on one page as you could but you still had to like the page.  I made this ..… to use up some of the vast collection of numbers that come with many alphas.  Now if American crafts replaced the numbers with vowels and those letters that you always run out of like s,t,m,n ect I would be happy and probably buy more of them.  It came as quite a shock to realise that I only use about half a packet because I seldom use numbers and never have enough letters once I have made 2 titles from a pack.  As I continue on my buy less use more journey of rediscovering forgotten stash I wonder what other surprising things will occur to me.  For now I am away to use some of my precious Hambly transparencies which I buy because they are gorgeous and then sit and wonder how I am actually going to use them in my crafting.  Wish me luck!


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