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Forgotten Treasures

on April 5, 2010

I started scrapbooking almost 5 years ago.  Before I ever made a page I had started squirrelling bits away when I came across them, which was rare.  I had internet access but I hadn’t heard of UKS or any other craft forum, I had no idea about online craft shops or where the best places to buy things were.  I bought some really naff stuff, much of which was recycled to my grandaughters when I had replaced it with things I actually really liked using, some of it I still have and some of it I even still use.

Way back then I was quite creative with my limited supplies and restricted budget and some of the pages I created then are still among m favourites, because I was so imaginative with what I had.  Over time I somehow lost some of that creativity and put together pages from sketches and used all ready made bits.  Yes these pages told the stories I wanted to be told but I never got the same sense of satisfaction.  About 10 months ago I was on the verge of giving up scrapbooking as it had lost some of it’s appeal and I just felt totally stuck and disenchanted.  I wanted to create but had somehow lost my way.

I tried various things including online classes, magazine subscriptions, blog hopping but nothing seemed to shift my inability to feel happy with what I had made.  Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life class over at BPS helped but by far the biggest change has been Shimmelle‘s class.  The prompts and challenges have made me go through the stuff I have and look at it differently.  I no longer get a page finished quickly but I do get pages finished that I am happy with.  My joy in scrapbooking has returned and I am now able to tell the stories in a meaningful way and be happy with the creative process along the way.  I feel as though my eyes have been opened again and I am back enjoying this wonderful hobby.  Thank you Shimmelle and to everyone else who has shared their pages and help kick start my creativity again.

This was my most recent page – Katy at 2.5 yrs sewing for the first time.

And this was Katy yesterday, 3 years later and still sewing.  This time it was a hood for a Barbie doll to go with a jacket I hade been asked to make for her 5 minutes beforehand 🙂  What else are grandmas for?

I am now away to organise some of my long forgotten stash and then take the next dose of my 21 pills a day.  My shoulder and arm are still very painful but tomorrow I am going back to the GP to ask them to find the cause of the pain.  I am fed up feeling bad and the pills aren’t helping that much.  I must be rattling a fair bit by now.  Take care x x x


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