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on March 31, 2010

Today I am thankful for the fact that it is almost the holidays, only one more day to go.  I am thankful that it has stopped snowing at last, I am thankful for the improved use of my arm and I am thankful for my beloved partner who has taken the strain in more ways that I could tell recently.  I know I am lucky and I know I am loved and these things make me happy.

I am also thankful that I talked my daughter into buying tickets for a local magic show even though it was a Monday night and even though I really don’t get magic shows.  Katy and Logan loved it and Logan even clapped for the magician – something he has never done before, no matter how much he enjoyed what he was watching.

I am also thankful to the people who shared the pages they had made from Shimmelle‘s Something from Almost Nothing class.  If they hadn’t generously shared their pages on blogs and websites, I would not have signed up and I am so glad that I did.  The only prompt I haven’t tried was about using page protectors, though I will get back to that one.  I haven’t tried 6×12 pages and I have made pages that will incorporated into my albums rather than be part of a separate album.  6×12 pages I will try, probably over the holidays.  For now I am just enjoying creating pages, telling stories and having fun.

The most recent prompt was about using buttons.  I have loads of buttons.  Partly because I knit and it’s easier to buy buttons when you see them rather than wait till you have something finished and then go looking.  Besides I am way too impatient for that.  I buy a lot of my wool online and it isn’t easy to match colours that way.  Thankfully I almost always have something that works, though I do get annoyed when I find 5 of the 6 buttons I need for a cardi and remember gluing the other one to a scrapbook page not that long ago.  These days I tend to buy 8-10 buttons at a time to try and avoid this.  I love this photo of Logan but the title of – I hate this face – reflects the fact that it is his ‘I am upset but I am not going to cry’ face.  It is a total heartbreaker. 

The other page I made recently used one of the few Webster’s pages papers that I bought.  I find these papers really difficult to use but this one just went with the photo so well I couldn’t resist.  I am not toally convinced that the flowers really work but I had great fun making the lace roses and the story is recorded on a tag behind the photo.  At the end of the day Michelle likes it and that’s what counts.  It is about her after all.  For now I am off to catch up on some knitting and be thankful that I can knit a little bit better than I could the other day.  Here’s to progress!


One response to “Thankful

  1. SarahLP says:

    Hi Linda.. spotted your layout above mine in the Buttons thread! Logan looks like an absolute sweetheart, bless him being so brave! I know just what you mean, it’s a heartbreaking expression! Great photo too.

    Your second layout is STUNNING! I think those flowers definitely work, and the draginflies, butterflies and gems are beautiful details.

    Sarah x

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