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Spring is in the air

on March 25, 2010

Although sadly it has brought the rain and the fog with it!  I have a few plants that I need to get into the soil, if my neck and shoulder will allow.  I have a garden that looks very neglected so hopefully this weekend I will be able to get out into it and make a little bit of a difference.  We finally have crocus flowers with the daffodils not far behind.  I was never much of a gardener till last year and this year I want it to be even better, so fingers crossed.

I sort of got into gardening via embroidery, which is probably rather unusual.  I had been given a gorgeous book by my son for my birthday last year and I decided to have a go.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to start small.  I hit on the idea of a garden journal and was soon merrily stitching away.  Then I realised how many flowering plants I knew grew well in our area and how few grew in my garden and off I went.  I started small with a few pansies then I moved to heathers and a sea holly and I even tried my hand at veggies but between the caterpillars and the snow we didn’t actually get a chance to try them.  Better luck this year hopefully.  Sadly the journal got lost among the other unfinished works I collect but one day it will see completion, I am sure.

I had great fun making this page for Shimmelle’s class.  It took me ages to paint various off cuts of card then cut, punch, stamp what I wanted before sticking the whole page down.  It is much busier than my normal style but I do like it.While making this page I realised why I had stopped being quite so enthusiastic about Cathy Zielske’s class.  There is little room for personal creativity in each week’s pages and that’s what I was missing.  I am planning on making page kits of all the unfinished classes and taking them to the caravan with me at Easter.  I am terrible for taking too much stuff when I go away scrapping, even if only to a short crop, but these pages will be ideal.  They will fill my need for creating but not take up too much room and then I will feel less guilty about not completing a fantastic class.  I am aware that the design principles that Cathy teaches have already changed the way I produce pages and things can only improve on that front.  It’s the creativness I miss because her classes are a bit like scrapping by numbers, they have to be in some ways, to get the points across.  For now I am away to browse some seed catalogues with a view to getting busy stitching again very soon.  Take care x x x


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