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Little pots of temptation

on March 21, 2010

I think I have a blog post eater.  I am sure I posted earlier this week but it has vanished into the ether!  My pain pills must be stronger than I thought.  I am dealing with a damaged neck and shoulder and I am managing to get through my working week, just, but that is about all I can cope with.  Hopefully the physio I am due to start shortly will help.

I have barely scrapped since early February.  I have photos printed for the last lesson I downloaded from Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life class but they remain untouched.  I pulled put some yummy papers I was desperate to use and photos to go with them but I have barely glanced at them recently.  I have gone from making 3-5 pages a week to 5 weeks of no pages and it’s driving me nuts!

I signed up for a bookmark swap on UKS a few weeks ago, in the hope that it would get me back into creativity mode.  Once I had signed up though I got a bit worried about what I was going to do.  The criteria was that they had to have a quote related to reading or books and even choosing the quote was difficult.  Eventually I spent a few afternoons trying out different things and I made a discovery.  In the drawer that I keep embossing powders and my heat gun I found some little pots of gorgeousness.  At first I thought they had been cream that had dried out or glitter that had got wet and gone hard.  Eventually I googled the lable on the bottom of the pot and found they were Twinkling H2O’s and directions on how to use them.  I spent the next week painting these fab colours onto embossed bookmarks.

As a result I decided to treat myself to a few more and found that Amazon was the best deal.  It certainly got me back into creative mode.  I made this page …..

which took a while to come together.  I had seen a few pages I really liked that had the photos all the way to the edge with a space in the middle and I decided to give that idea a try but it took me a while to get a balance.  I am really happy with the finished page though, so that was a result.

While I was blog hopping the other day I saw some great pages from Shimmelle‘s new class ‘Get Something From Almost Nothing’.  I decided to have a look at it and as it was only £10 I signed up.  The class started about a week or so ago so I am playing catch up but I have made a page from the first prompt which was to use metal and I had great fun digging through all my old stash for metal bits.  I also used more of the paper and photos I had pulled out so that made me even happier.  I know I will get back to Cathy’s class and I know things will get back to almost normal soon but at the moment things are still very raw and we are all still struggling to come to terms with what has happened.  Thankfully it will soon be the Easter holidays and we can step off the spinning wheel of working life for a while and relax.  For now I am off to create while I am in the right frame of mind.


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