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Is there a domestic goddess in the house?

on February 22, 2010

If there is, can you tell her I need her please? 

My one word for this year is CHANGE.  There are several things in my life that I have to change, others I would like to change and some changes I will have to deal with whether I like them or not.  One of these necessary changes was to my diet.  For a few years now I have had a host of minor health issues that were really getting me down.  I spent a long time reading various articles and books and decided that a change of diet was a possible answer.  Over the Christmas/New year holidays I decided to adopt a wheat and diary free diet.  This was not an easy decision to make as it immediately stopped my access to most of my favourite foods.  Within a few weeks I noticed a considerable difference though, and that has helped me keep going.   This page documents some of  the changes that have happened so far.

The downside is that I need to think much more carefully about what I eat and drink.  No more grabbing a quick snack as I go from one place to another or opening the fridge to see what takes my fancy, because most of it is off limits.  In fairness Gordon has switched to dairy free recently so at least the butter doesn’t scream ‘eat me!’ when I do open the fridge door.  I have rediscovered how much I enjoy baking and cooking and trying new recipes, a pleasure I had almost forgotten in recent years.  One of my great successes has been healthy flapjacks made with a date base rather than just butter and syrup.  I have made many variations of these though my favourites are gojiberry and coconut & ginger.  I have also, after many mishaps, made bread that I enjoy the taste and texture of. Many years ago I had a bread bowl that I bought from Habitat.  It had a line that you filled to with cold water and another line to where you added boiling water and this gave you the perfect temperature for proving yeast.  I have to say that kneading dough is a perfect antidote to anger and stress!  Sadly the bowl eventually cracked and I never found anything similar.  Then I discovered we had a very ancient breadmaker in the loft that Gordon’s mum had brought over from South Africa and had never used because she didn’t get good results.  I got great results from it for wheat flour bread but only meteorites from it using gluten free bread flour.  One modern breadmaker and gluten free bread recipe book later and I had success.  I did spend a lot of time and money sourcing various flours though, as is documented in the following page.

Tonight I spent several hours making flapjacks, cooking lunches for freezing for the rest of the week and experimenting with a different type of bread.  It was fun and the results will be thoroughly enjoyed in the days to come.  Now all I need to know is how do I find the balance between scrapbooking, knitting, baking, cooking, reading, photography, spending time with Gordon, my kids and grandkids, other family members, work and anything else that crops up.  ‘Hello, is that the domestic goddess helpline?’


One response to “Is there a domestic goddess in the house?

  1. Candace says:

    Know the feeling well! If you find an answer to the never ending life juggle without dropping all of the balls let me knoe

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