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on February 6, 2010

LOM – Library of memories – a system createdby Stacy Julian has been a godsend for me.  I have been scrapbooking for 4 years now and as with many people who share this wonderful hobby the number of photos I took increased dramatically.  As someone who was a keen photo taker before this soon amounted to a lot of photos.  About 18 months ago I had almost stopped creating pages altogether simply because I felt totally overwhelmed by the number of photos I had.  I spent a fortune on various types of photo storage, each time there were more photos to store, but I could never find the photo I wanted to use when creativity struck.

Then I discovered a thread over on UKS about a book called Photo Freedom, written by Stacy.  That discovery changed things for me drastically.  I bought the book and read it in a day and then I strated planning.  I implemented the system using the book as a guide and, for a while everything was great.  Then I got totally stuck and bogged down and was, almost, back where I had started.  Around about that time I got an email from Big Picture Scrapbooking where I had taken classes previously.  The email detailed the class called LOM run by Stacy as an annual class that lasted for 4 months.  It worked you through implementing the LOM system.  I signed up and waited impatiently for class to start and although it was hard going by the end of it I had a rigorous system in place for all my printed photos both digital prints and pre digital prints.  I love my system!

In 2009 I made 240 scrapbook pages.  So far this year I have made 44 pages!  My system works sooo well.  In autumn of last year I had got so bogged down trying to sort my many digital images on my computer that I backed everything up to disc and stripped all the photos off my pc.  I have since put them all back, disc by disc, in year and month folders.  I know I have some duplicate pics with different file names and I also know I have to go through my pics and delete ones I will never use again such as 30+ photos of the same butterfly/bee/flower etc – that’s a slight exaggeration, but not much!  But I can see an end point and I am so pleased.  Until fairly recently I had almost stopped digi scrapping as I was struggling to find photos and digi bits that I needed but as I have organised things this has changed. 

Last month I signed up for a LayOut A Day challenge (LOAD) for the month of February.  So far I am keeping up unlike the first time I tried this in October last year.  More proof that my system works.  The best bit is that having paid for the LOM class last year I get to take part this year and next for free!  This year’s class started on Thursday and I just know I am going to love it all over again, and my system will be even better by the end of it.


One response to “LOM and LOAD

  1. Sheleen says:

    44 LO’s this year alone? Wow, you’ve been a real scrapaholic! Sounds like the system you have in place really works for you… think I’ll have to take a leaf out of your book and get organised too 🙂

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